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LCD increase global warming

Perhaps of the many people who do not know much about the pollution impact of television LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). From the results of the research scientists, a service that focuses on science and technology news, illustrates that the chemicals used to make LCD televisions and semi-conductor global warming could cause more fuel than coal.

Nitrogen Trifluorida (g3) is a "greenhouse gas that does not appear, based on research from the journal entitled" Geophysical Research Letters on June 26 ago. Nitrogen Trifluorida used in making smoke chemicals, which can create a layer lquid crystal, semi-conductor and synthetic diamonds. Prather estimates that the production of chemicals will be increased to 8,000 metric tons in 2009. While the global warming of Nitrogen akan Trifluorida result in 17,000 times more powerful than the effect karbondiaosida (CO2).
Not only carbon dioxide and d3 which can improve the quality of global warming. According to the Kyoto Protocol, International Climate Change, a Japanese company engaged in the field of climate change, reveal that the emissions Perfluorocarbons (PFCs) and sulfur hexafluoride more potential to increase global warming than d3.
Kyoto Protocol International Climate Change seems to assume d3 and some dozen other gases are not at risk of global warming because the g3 is not produced in large scale to create the damage that siginifikan. Some companies, especially the company's LCD television gradually understand the risks, so they try to reduce the chemical pollution caused from the LCD television on the g3. If this is really done, it is very possible for the company's LCD tersbut will switch to digital television, which is more secure.
News Scientist in the research also established that the LCD television is designed with the economic-friendly LCD television uses less energy than plasma televisions.

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