Human Global Warming

global warming

Human Global Climate Change
Climate change or global warming, the msih so that there is no material for the utmost discussed. We can not feel how menentunya climate at this time. Is this the influence of the current turbulent natural or human influence there in?

Results from the latest research shows NASA! people act in connection with climate change have impacted a very broad nature of the system, including melting ice layer, mekarnya plants more quickly in Europe, and the decrease in lake productivity in Africa. Research conducted by Cynthia Rosenzweig of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Science in New York along with researchers from 10 different institutions that try to make this relationship impacts the physical and biological that occurred since 1970 along with maningkatnya temperatures throughout the period. The result: the heating occurs widely indeed come from ulah human impact on the entire Earth.

This study is the first time to study the relationship between global temperature data set available, the results of climate models, and observation of the changes that occur in the wide scale of biological systems and fsikis to indicate keterkaitannya between human activity, climate and its impact. Observation results indicate, there is a connection between human actions and climate change with the observation of the impact on the Earth also showed the same truth in the continental skalan, generally in North America, Europe and Asia.
Pemannasan global now we feel it is not separated from the natural and human ulah itself damage the forest ecosystem atu as the lungs of the world.

To reach the conclusion of the relationship, the analysis of the database is done more than 29 000 series of data obtained from the results of observation to the impact of the system occur in nature in the Earth caused ulah man. Data collected from 80 studies in a range of 20 years from 1970 -2004. Impact observed in this study are changes in the system fisis sperti glacier that the thin, melting ice plateau, and the warm lake water and river water and the increasing temperature of the case. Due to other also occurred in biological systems, such as leaves that appear again and the interest bermekaran more quickly, the birds arrive faster in the period of migration, as well as plants and animals that move from pole to pole in a larger amount. In water-rich environments such as oceans, lakes and rivers, plankton and fish also began to shift from the condition of adaptation must be cold now adapting to a more warm water.

In a global scale, 90% of the observations showed a change in biological systems fisis and consistently against menghangatnya Earth. Other things, changes in land, pungsi over the use of forest to agriculture was to bring the impact of other large and on global warming. In the end the conclusion that can be retrieved, so people are one of the important factors in causing climate change is happening on Earth. That happens through the influence of increasing emissions of greenhouse gases, emissions and waste gas and so it happened globally in the United States, Europe and Aisa. In several continents including Africa, South America and Australia, documentation of results from the observation of changes in physical and biological still rare and not have any evidence of what many regard global warming as a result of human ulah. Observation and still need further research to continent-continent to get the results more definitive, because there is less research, and will probably continue to develop until the conclusion or have a more satisfactory results.

Whatever it let's start from ourselves mebuat at least for the environment around us be more comfortable to dwell, and we must participate in any effort to handle this global warming.

di ambil dari data NASA.


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