global warming

ice melt due to global warming!!
According to a new NASA satellite, shows that there is a sign of what the latest is called by the scientists' global warming '. NASA satellite data showed more than 2 million tons of land ice in Greenland, Antartica, Alaska, and has melt since 2003. Grace Based on NASA satellite observation of the weight of ice, Scott Luthcke, a NASA geophysicist, said that the losses that occurred in Greenland is more than half of the land of ice imprisoned in the last five years have been melt. Used water from the ice melt in Greenland in the last five years will be increased approximately 11 akan meet Chesapeake Bays.

NASA scientists plan to represent their findings tomorrow Thursday, at the American Geophysical Union conference in San Francisco. Luthcke said that the figure in 2008 Greenland has not been a lot of improvement, but still siginifikan considering the large number of ice melt, although not as fast as in 2007.

ice melt news sounded better in Alaska. After the fall of 2005, increasing the land ice in 2008 because of this rain snow with angina fast. Since 2003, when NASA satellite observed the back again, Alaska has lost 400 million tons of land ice.

The ice does not melt as sea ice, but more to the addition of the quantity of water gradually. According Luthcke, between Greenland, Antartica and Alaska, the ice has increased around 15 inch in the last five years. Level ketingian sea water is also increasing along with global warming. "This is not to be better, but will still continue, tandayang show strong impact of global warming (global warming). There is no way to restore it again. "Said Jay Zwally, a scientist at NASA ice.

While for the artic region, northern Alaska, has had 9 to 10 degrees more heat, and increased more quickly than predicted. According to the scientist Julienne Stroeve of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, Colorado, as the ice melt, the water in the artic absorb more heat in the summer, to cause the ice melelehnya white, and then the heat absorbed, and the air is removed to form the temperature fall , where the temperature is 10 degrees warmer. This is the beginning of global warming (global warming).


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