indonesia malaysia's entitled to more of Ambalat

Minister of Defense (Defense Minister) Juwono Sudarsono said, the negotiations in Malaysia have said that Indonesia's position stronger than in the case of Malaysia that Ambalat disengketakan both countries.

"They were already on the level of consultation that we are stronger position than the position of Malaysia," said the Minister of defense reporters in Jakarta on Monday, after meeting with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Minister of Defense accompanied the Head of State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Syamsir Siregar to the President with respect to a security plan in the Asia Africa Conference and 50 years KAA Warning on 22-24 April 2005 in Bandung
. The incidence of "collision" ships of war the two countries that occurred Friday in the waters of Ambalat, Juwono holds, the most important individual parties refrain refrain also include removing the words. "Inter-government that is not involved in the diplomatic wrangle that is not necessary," he said.

He said that, at this time there is a decrease in the level of attendance of war ships in the area Ambalat Malaysia.
About the events that rate action Menhan ship KRI Kedung Naga Indonesia dispel the ship KD Rencong Malaysia is a firm attitude, but not measured, so that the loose rein. "KRI action is appropriate," he said.

Asked if he Menlu as Ad-Interim kebaratan akan submit memorandum to the Malaysian top events, Juwono said that only the President already have agreements with Malaysia PM Abdullah Badawi. "What is important is not repeated again, and no war of words at the diplomatic level," he said.

However, Juwono said, patrol the waters of Ambalat need to be fixed so that no "sejengkalpun" of the rights of a freelance.
Answering a question whether India will add to the strength of the war ships, Juwono said, Dephan will discuss with the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, the TNI and the TNI staff to discuss the defense budget as a whole.
"Not just a matter of Ambalat. Not just a matter of emergency response operations, the role of the military in Aceh and Nias. All in the framework of the appropriate force for all," said Minister of Defense Juwono.
Law periphery.
Meanwhile, Chairman of the Assembly Permusyawaratan Rakyat (MPR) Hidayat Nur Wahid said that the incident serempetan KRI Tedong and Naga warship Ambalat Blocks in Malaysia, last week, reminded board members and the government to immediately set up the law on the limit of the Indonesian archipelago and beyond protection efforts.

"At this point so many vulnerable areas in the Indonesian archipelago terluar that have not been managed well," he said in Jakarta on Monday.

With the law of the problems that may arise due to circumstances akan akan that can be completed properly.
The law, he added, will provide a strong base policy when the government must negotiate with other countries on a similar issue-issue.

Furthermore he also said that the incident was a risk in an effort to maintain the integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia.
"Friction yesterday no problem, but I remind the navy personnel to avoid terprovokasi to do the shooting," he said.

The reason, he said, as a member of ASEAN, Indonesia is tied with the treaties so that ASEAN must complete the entire problem with the other ASEAN countries through negotiations.
"I fully support the effort because the TNI-AL is a strong commitment needed to save Ambalat. The de facto Ambalat is the property of Indonesia, especially the de jure," said Hidayat.blogger galuh.


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