global economic crisiss

world trade down sharply

Price a number of world commodity trade has decreased sharply on Monday (22 / 6) or the United States on Tuesday (23 / 6) WIB, as a result of poor economic views of the World Bank which caused the decline in investor optimism towards recovery ekonomi.hal this very effect on the economy world, especially to Indonesia, which are now experiencing a global financial crisis and is in the tepa problems silih switch, belumlagi now mengahadapi presidential election that will not long hold in the future on 8 July.

Sharp decline in commodity prices are going from silver commodities, oil, and corn. This condition causes most of the investors move their money from the commodity sector to sector as a safe reserve fund (treasury) and the dollar currency.

World Bank assessment on global economic growth, will fall to 2.9 percent this year. Value is far higher than the number predicted 1.7 percent previously rejected a number of the many circles.

Direvisinya assessments that make confusion for investors, especially those recently purchased commodities in the hope that economic cycles will be back quickly improved.

Sales of commodities that focuses on shares of energy and materials company, a little help pushing the main stock index down at least two percent in afternoon trading. In the trade on Monday (22 / 6), among those involved in the sales dollar against other currencies, also provide additional pressure on prices.


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