Happy Earth Day 2010! Do not forget to turn off the lights for an hour, at 20.30-21.30 local time.

Different cities from 92 countries today getting ready to turn off the lights for an hour just to commemorate Earth Day and support the movement of saving the environment against climate change.

Last year, the event was attended by 88 countries. New areas that participated in 2010, including Kosovo, Madagascar, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Cambodia, Czech Republic, Paraguay, Ecuador, and the Northern Marina Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Earth Hour management committee, ie turn off lights for an hour the deal was confirmed that this year 1100 the city had agreed to participate. "Earth Hour Earth's population reflects the determination to make the world a better and healthier," said Earth Hour executive director Andy Ridley. "This event brings together a number of cities, communities, businesses and individuals in an effort to combat climate change,"

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