PATTERN modern life filled with busyness often override health. Intensive activities are often not accompanied by exercise and proper diet. Whereas the effects of global warming or global warming could make the human body resistance rapidly decreases. If not balanced with a healthy lifestyle, it is quite possible we will drop and eventually no longer able to complete the work that piled up.
Global warming is accompanied by high pollution levels. These conditions also led to the emergence of many new diseases. To anticipate, a healthy lifestyle should be applied. Eating healthy and nutritious food is important as a first step. "Eating healthy should not mean a good meal. Most important raw materials low in fat and fresh, "

Also, avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages also helps increase endurance. No less important is regular exercise. Keeping the fitness of which can be carried out in fitness centers. fitness has been popular in the community. This is evidenced by the many fitness centers everywhere. generally performed to improve physical fitness. But at some stage, have been used for the formation of the body (body building). "Many also do fitness to burn fat."

All types of existing equipment in the fitness center to burn fat effectively. But there are some tools that have functions such as cardiovascular or heart healthy a treadmill, stepper machines, and stationary bicycles. Fitness was performed according to at least 3 times and a maximum of 6 times a week. "At practice, can try all the tools to learn the benefits. After that, may use a tool partially to train the specific muscles, "he said.

Weight training each have different patterns and motifs. There are exercises for the muscles of the chest, back, arms, legs, and others. Time 45 minutes-1, 5 hours is enough exercise to maintain fitness origin carried out regularly.

2013 Solar Storms Not End World

Some researchers predict the peak of the world's space solar storms will occur in mid 2013. Indications are based on current solar activity is increasing. This form of solar activity magnetic field, sunspots, flare, burst mass corona, solar wind and energetic particles.

"In 2012 until 2015 sunspots is estimated to reach that point very much and it will trigger a lot of explosions," said Dra Clara Yono Yatini, MSc, Head of Field Magnet Applications Geomagnet and Space National Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan), on the sidelines of the socialization 2012-2015 space weather phenomena in Denpasar, Bali.

However, he says, people do not need to worry because the storm the sun will not destroy the world civilization. "The impact of solar storms may damage your system just technology alone," exclaimed Clara Yono.

Technology systems that are affected, for example, damage satellites, so disturb the communication network. Another effect of these solar storms can also disrupt the earth's magnetic field. As the solar storm in 1989 when the Canadian attack, clearly Clara, a blackout due to a transformer fire in the central power grid due to a very large flow in the subsurface. These solar storms can be anticipated in order not to cause damage, such as lethal as satellite networks and electricity networks in the event of a storm the sun.

"People should not be affected by the 2012 film because it was a fake science," Yono Clara messages. Lapan is now intensively to disseminate space weather phenomena over 2012-2015 to the community to straighten crooked stories that are not clearly related doomsday basically.

End of year 2012 issues as portrayed in the film in 2012 was during this hold is associated with a number of the natural phenomenon that will occur on earth, including this solar storm.

Recycling technology

A total of 250 scholars from 14 countries attended the First International Conference on Muslims of Action for Climate Change in the City of Bogor, Friday (9/4/2010) until Saturday (10/4/2010).

They strengthen the roots of Islamic theological concerns about the environment. Mahmoud Akef, the founder of Earth Mate Dialogue Center, which is based in London, England, say, environmental issues much discussed in the Qur'an. Likewise, in everyday life of the Prophet Muhammad, he has a lot to talk about the need to protect our environment.

He cited the actions of the scholars 600 years ago in Solaimania Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. At that time, the principle of recycling was already known. They, who then use lighting of the oil / wax, so it does not capture the black smoke pollute the air. "Soot collected recycled into the ink," he said.

Emil Salim, a member of the Advisory Council President, after he became one of the speakers at the conference, talked about the causes of the decline of Islamic civilization.

"This issue (the decline of Islamic civilization) many theory. One result of the books written by Muslim scholars were burned when Istanbul raided (Mongols) in the 7th century. After the books out, the more developed Islamic jurisprudence issues, tend to emphasize teaching what is prohibited. For example, Muslims should not kill, should not be this, should not it, "he said.

According to him, it continues today, including in Indonesia. For example in addressing the problem of pornography. "The use of words or the negative tone of the ban was likely to limit thoughts. Therefore, the Qur'an should not only read but also studied and understood," he said.

According to him, the doctrine of prayer should be facing Qibla birth of astronomy. As a matter of doctrine that God created man from a lump of blood gave birth to medical science.

Regarding climate change, former Environment Minister pointed to the era of President Suharto that the problem is the result of an error of economic development policy. In economic development, preserving the environment is not included in the cost of production. "Consequently, there is the necessity of environmental impact analysis and processing of waste is not done well, even ignored because it considered only the production cost burden," he said.

Microsoft telah memperkenalkan sebuah ponsel bernama Kin. Ponsel ini didesain khusus untuk mereka yang aktif di jejaring sosial.

Seperti dikutip  dari Coolest Gadgets, Selasa (13/4/2010), Microsoft telah mengumumkan kehadiran Kin. Ponsel itu akan tersedia di Amerika Serikat (Mei), Jerman, Italia, Spanyol dan Inggris (mulai Agustus).

Terdapat dua model Kin yang akan dikenalkan: Kin One dan Kin Two. Kedua ponsel layar sentuh plus keyboard geser itu memiliki perbedaan pada ukuran, One lebih kecil dan Two lebih besar.

Microsoft pun memperkenalkan fitur bernama Loop, Spot dan Studio. Fitur-fitur itu diklaim akan membantu pengguna jejaring sosial untuk terus aktif lewat Kin.

Loop adalah layar utama dari Kin. Layar ini akan selalu menampilkan hal terbaru dari account Facebook, MySpace, Twitter dan layanan jejaring sosial lainnya.

Sedangkan Spot merupakan fitur yang memudahkan berbagi di jejaring sosial. Konten (foto, video, halaman web, lokasi atau status) dan orang yang dituju bisa 'diseret' ke dalam Spot, lalu pengguna Kin bisa memilih dengan cara apa ia akan berbagi konten.

Nah, fitur Studio, merupakan fitur penyimpanan konten dari ponsel ke internet. Sehingga, pengguna Kin bisa mengakses konten tersebut lewat browser manapun.

Kin akan menjadi ponsel Windows Phone pertama yang sudah memiliki fitur Zune. Perangkat ini diproduksi oleh Sharp dan didistribusikan oleh Verizon Wireless (AS) serta Vodafone (Jerman, Italia, Spanyol dan Inggris).

Opera Mini akhirnya disetujui untuk hadir di App Store. Pengguna iPhone pun diklaim bisa mencicipi browsing lebih cepat berkat aplikasi tersebut. Benarkah?

Aplikasi browser web untuk iPhone dan iPod Touch, Opera Mini App dari Opera Software, sudah mulai bisa digunakan sejak Selasa (13/4/2010). Aplikasi tersebut tersedia secara gratis di App Store Indonesia.

Dari sisi tampilan, fitur dan penggunaan, sebenarnya tak banyak perbedaan antara Opera Mini App dengan browser bawaan Safari dari Apple. Keduanya pun sama-sama gratis sehingga tak ada perbedaan soal harga pula.

Namun satu hal yang selalu menonjol dari kehadiran Opera Mini di platform apapun adalah kecepatan akses halaman web yang ditawarkannya. Hal ini bisa tercapai karena Opera melakukan kompresi halaman web yang diakses hingga, menurut klaim Opera, maksimal 90 persen.

Nah, bagaimana dengan Opera Mini untuk iPhone. Berdasarkan uji singkat yang dilakukan, terbukti bahwa Opera Mini memang lebih cepat daripada Safari. Bahkan dalam beberapa kasus perbedaan kecepatan itu bisa jadi cukup signifikan.

Washington: AOL plans to close or sell the social networking site Bebo, which bought U.S. $ 850 million two years ago, according to a memo from management that was published in Washington, DC, Tuesday (6 / 4). "In an annual filing for Bebo that we'll make tomorrow, AOL will show that it is currently evaluating strategic alternatives, which could include the sale or off Bebo in 2010," said AOL's memo to employees obtained by Silicon Valley Insider and other technology blog .

"Bebo, unfortunately, is a business that has declined. And as a result, will require significant investment to compete in the competitive social networking space," says a memo from Jon Brod, the AOL executive vice president Ventures. In essence, today AOL is not in a position to fund further and support Bebo in the turn around in pursuit of social networking.

"AOL is committed to work quickly to determine if there are interested parties to Bebo and the company's current expectation is to complete our strategic evaluation at the end of May 2010," said Brod. Bebo has steadily losing its competitive edge against social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.

AOL, formerly known as America Online, Time Warner released in December became an independent company. Tim Armstrong, a former Google executive, has started a round of aggressive cost cutting at AOL since taking control last year and plans to refocus the company on "content, advertising, and communications."

New York: leading car manufacturers around the world are competing eco-friendly mini car show with the latest model in Car Exhibition in New York, United States, Wednesday (31 / 3). General Motors (GM) launched a thrifty gasoline-powered car, the Chevrolet Cruze Eco.

"The new model has a level of fuel efficiency with the same type of hybrid," said GM spokesman.

Different situation occurs in the Toyota. In the midst of declining sales due to a massive withdrawal of the car, Toyota introduced a small two-door sports car for the younger generation and an ultra-mini cars with less than three meters long. The plan, cars will be sold in the United States early next year.

Ford Motor Manufacturers also do not want to miss the launch control system in rechargeable battery for electric vehicles. The system automatically recharges the battery at night when utility rates lower. Lingkangan friendly car was developed with Microsoft.

GM, Nissan, and other Chinese carmakers, plans to launch electric cars in the U.S. market. With competition so antarprodusen energy efficient cars that are expected to heat up.

Alga (algae), red or red algae is considered the most powerful counteracting free radicals. So says the Head of Indonesian Traditional Medicines Poly Dr dr Soetomo Arijanto Jonosewojo, SpPD, at Surabaya on Friday (11/12/2009).

He said, multivitamin supplements and chemicals that are consumed over long periods prooksidan feared causing congestion or free radicals that can trigger cancer and diabetes mellitus.

Asta xanthine, the active substance contained in red algae, has anti-oxidant content of more than 6,000 times and 1,000 times the vitamin C, vitamin E. Therefore, apart from having the ability naturally ward off free radicals, the red algae also serves as an anti-aging or prevent aging.

"Red Algae can also be used to facilitate blood circulation, repairing damaged cells, and produce insulin in the blood," he said.

To produce a substance contained in Hematococcus pluviallis Astaxanthine, red algae have a long process. Initially, the red algae are not colored red, but green.

Red algae green colored initially inserted into a tube to get enough sunlight. Because getting enough sunlight, plants such berklorofil turns red.

"Proliferation of red algae is still done in Hawaii, although originally from Japan," he said.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, the red algae has not been mass-produced because no one mengembangbiakkannya. "If anything, it must be very expensive because it must be imported from abroad,"

Geneva: Ferrari's new bombshell in the exhibition of vehicles at the Geneva Motor Show this year, with Ferrari launched the 599 Hybrid. In the website of The Telegraph recently, Ferrari 599 experimental hybrid vehicles appear as in the Geneva auto show which is currently dominated by electricity-fueled vehicles and environmentally friendly.

Shown in green "Kermit" Ferrari 599 hybrids become one of the star exhibit. This is a sign that the car maker deluxe super-fast and began to consider the environmental impact. According to Fabrizio Favaretto engineers, the latest Ferrari called HY-KERS still perform exclusively with only two seats and using the technology of Formula One Ferrari. Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) that connects to the braking system of a lithium-ion battery into energy.

Fabrizio claim Electrical energy is stored and converted into a powerful energy around 650 volts, so it can provide additional power 100 horsepower. Energy is used to complement the additional power V12 engine speed and capacity of six liters of gasoline and also to run the AC and power steering pump. In addition, with these technologies, Fereri able to increase the fuel consumption of 15.8 miles per gallon and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide up 415 g / km.

But unfortunately this new hybrid Ferrari prices much more expensive because the price prices 207.075 or approximately USD 3.1 billion. But Ferrari promised the next five years will be far more affordable price with a lighter weight.

Automotive enthusiasts who know a lot of LPG can be replaced when the gasoline engine runs like a motorcycle. The result will be more economical and environmentally friendly. However, the facts are still too few people who dared to apply it.

If you do not know the technique, LPG cylinder for motorcycle fuel could explode and harm others around him, "said Budi Soelaiman Sunarto, founder of the Business Multipurpose Cooperative (KSU) Agro Makmur, Karanganyar regency, Central Java.

Currently LPG in containers the size of three kilograms of small tube is very easy to find. But, still not so many people are familiar with gasoline to LPG conversion techniques to running motorcycle engine.

Budi since 1998 formed the company in the village of Agro Makmur Doplang, Karangpandan, Karanganyar District. He developed an environmentally friendly energy technology-based ethanol and bio-methane or biogas. Equipped also making its production facilities, such as biogas tool to convert waste consumption of dry organic waste into methane or facilities for the use of bio-ethanol with fuel-efficient stoves ethanol.

Since 2009 found LPG to fuel motorbikes. One kilogram of LPG has been tested is able to run the bike as far as 100 kilometers to 200 kilometers. Mileage as far as it will depend on passenger load and gradient to the road taken.


LPG can not necessarily just flowed into the combustion chamber engine motorcycles. If done carelessly, sparks in the combustion chamber will creep toward the source of LPG, the LPG cylinder explodes.

Budi said the key lies in the membrane. Membrane made of metal tubes that hold stocks of LPG before entering the combustion chamber through the carburetor. Then the carburetor was modified. Not too complicated modify it, stay off pelampungnya function. Function buoy was replaced with the membrane.

"Only two things that must be done. Never try to drain directly into the combustion chamber of LPG through the carburetor. Sparks will spread everywhere, LPG cylinder will explode, "

Gas supply valve

To test the feasibility of the membrane, Budi assisted researchers from the Center for Radioactive Waste Technology National Nuclear Energy Agency (Batan) Suryadi. According Suryadi, replacing the working principle of membrane function by considering the flexibility of the material floats.

The membrane consists of an iron tube 8 inches in diameter with a length of about 4 centimeters. On the surface of the upper and lower layers of rubber tube is given membrane. In order not to leak, rubber surface

coated with a thin metal plate. Of the membrane tube was supplied to the carburetor, the gas delivery valve.

According Suryadi, in testing the feasibility of the membrane, resistance to pressure to reach the required minimum of 12 bar. This is to anticipate the strength that comes from the pressure of LPG LPG cylinder.

Membrane limits the ability to hold on to exceed 12 bar pressure on the LPG cylinder which is only 10 bars.

After the LPG flow to the carburetor into the combustion chamber, will drape over the air. Regarding the composition, generally on a motorcycle petrol to 1 for gasoline with a capacity of 13 to 15 air capacity.

According to Budi, unlike the case with compositions that are required on LPG with air. Its composition is proportional to the capacity of LPG and 1 in 5 to 18 air capacity.

Such details. To start up the engine or motor, it takes the composition of 1 to 5 for the LPG and air (1: 5). Furthermore, for stationary engines running with the composition 1: 8.

Towards acceleration composition engine up 1: 12 and a 1: 18 when running normally.

3 kilograms of LPG retail prices in the market Rp 14,000 to Rp 15,000 per tube. This price is equivalent to about 3.3 liters of gasoline (the price of Rp 4,500 per liter).

According Suryadi, the range of 1 kilogram of LPG mileage could be 100 to 200 kilometers. So, one kilogram LPG cylinder 3 can be used for distances ranging from 300 to 600 kilometers, whereas only 3.3 liters of gasoline to around 100 kilometers.

"LPG is made from butane and propane are still relatively expensive when compared to the methane can be produced through anaerobic combustion of dry organic waste," said Suryadi.

Methane, according to Suryadi, the future of transportation fuels. Only this time packing and distribution is still a constraint.

Imagine that someday you could wrap a gift with wrapping paper that read "Happy Birthday!" that can be lit without conventional batteries that we know so far, because the paper itself the batteries. That's one possible use of new batteries are made from cellulose, ie paper material, so that environmentally friendly because it can be decomposed by nature.

The scientists from various countries are trying to develop a battery of thin, flexible, lightweight, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly, made entirely from non-metallic materials. One of the most promising materials for polymer beterai is helpless-inter. However, until now this material is used as the battery is less practical, because the ability to store electrical charges are often reduced due to wear.

Made easy

This new battery-making materials found Cladophora green algae that is often considered a bully. Freshwater plants like this hair piled up and rotting away in the world, disturbing sights and smells sting.

This alga has an unusual type of cellulose, the cellulose surface features a very spacious, which is 100 times the cellulose paper. This enabled the researchers to double the number of inter-polymer-powered, so the battery is more effective to be filled up again, better able to withstand and distribute electric power.

"We have long expected useful invention of algal material and now it is reasonably possible," said researcher Mary Strømme, nanotechnology experts from the University of Uppsala, Sweden. "This opens new possibilities for large-scale production for the energy storage system that is environmentally friendly, cost effective, and lightweight."
This new type of battery consists of thin layers of polymer inter-sized power-only 40 to 50 nanometers, or from the algal cellulose fiber wrappers one at a billion yards wide, just wide as 20 to 30 nanometers which is taken to be a sheet of paper.

Fast rechargeable

This new type of battery can carry electrical power from 50 to 200 percent more than the battery-powered polymer among other similar, and if later been optimized, it may even be able to compete with lithium batteries. These batteries can also be recharged far more quickly than usual battery refills - compare a normal battery takes at least an hour for recharging, while a new battery is only needed 11 seconds to eight minutes.

DaLA development, new battery has also shown remarkable progress in terms of its ability to hold power line usage. When compared with other polymer batteries that power of detention capacity by 50 percent after 60 cycles-to-use content, this new battery only lost 6 percent after 100 cycles.

"In the thick polymer layer, it is difficult to recharge all of the material properly, instead it turned into an insulator material (barrier), so its capacity actually decreased," explained Gustav Nystrom, an expert in electrochemistry from the University of Uppsala. "If the thin layers, and can accommodate the entire issued share power well."
Flexible electronics

The researchers suggested that their batteries dapakai seems suitable for flexible electronic devices, such as fabrics and packaging materials.

"We do not intend to replace or lithium ion battery - we want to find a battery that does not exist," said Strømme. "For instance, the battery can be charged under the wallpaper to light sensors in your home. Or how about when placed in your clothes, and used to sweat scanner to check if you hurt?"

Future research directions are also considering how much battery power is lost from this over time, which is a common problem for batteries and other types of polymers. The study also looked at the possibility enlarge the scale of this new type of battery, "We'll see what happens when the battery is made in very large scale."

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