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environment-friendly technology

This requires that the information technology field to think hard to create environment-friendly technology. Environmentally friendly technology is not only measured the level of emissions of waste gas produced, but the number of energy consumption required in a process industry, because energy is generally obtained from either in the form of natural minerals and non-energy minerals.
One of the steps taken by a leading computer vendor in the world at this time IBM is the concept of data centers' green 'or environmentally friendly. This is triggered by data that indicate that 1.5% of use of electricity in the United States used for operational data center, according to a report in 2005 it has the power to spend as much as 45 billion kWh, only for the United States just like the whole world if? This has direct persediaanenergi of electricity and distribution, other than the gas emissions that cause or at the output. As a result, each new server will issue a cost of USD 0.52 for the power and cooling. This figure is predicted to increase 37% in four years to become a USD 0.7.
Besides IBM, CISCO vendor was thinking hard for the middle to seek technology that can impact global warming mengurang this. According Pudja Excellence Kartiman, Director, Cross Industry PT Cisco Systems Indonesia, the implementation of any existing technology, for example in real estate, a combination of the energy will lead to solutions such as unified communication. This solution combines the use of Mobility and the voice traffic so that it can connect. Thus, if all IP-based, so each must not have their own infrastructure because it is convergent. Pudja further stated, savings can be even up to 30%. This is one of the 4% of the cost savings could be if all dikonvergensikan one.
Results expected from the IBM and CISCO this in the future can be expected to anticipate the worst impact of global warming or global warming world.


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