organic machine(human)

In this paper, I discuss more in general and short on the human body than the body of another living being, even though the mammals in general or the vertebrata have relatively similar characteristics, for example, have a brain, heart, liquid blood, stomach, lungs, nose -senses, and so forth. we will start the next "adventure".

First let's discuss one short of a vital organ in the human body, namely the brain. Scientists are still up to now learn more about the depth of the brain. Why? Because the brain is a most complex organ in the human body, there is even a mention brainomi, a science of studying the brain in particular, as seen from astronomy because of the same mystery of the brain and the extent of space.

Technology, human progress has been very successful creating a electronic device called the super mini chip or CPU (Central Processing Unit) chip they call this as
its brainmachine intelligent or sophisticated electronics equipment today. However, if we compare between the chip and the human brain is still too far when equated. Can be spelled out is a combination of brain-chip that the chip is a sophisticated system of super-sophisticated. If the human brain is, or would like to compare, then computer approached as a comparison. Why? Because the computer in addition have at least a minimal CPU also has a memory, monitor, keyboard, speakers, source voltage in order to survive and so, as the human brain has a memory (memory), center and blood flow to the brain of oxygen (as a source of "tension" ) and the other. Of particular interest is a process that occurs in the brain due to the stimulus-stimulus of the electric connection between the nerve and the stimulus of the senses-senses and organs the human body, such as computers or machinery other gadgets. This means the brain is a super powerful computer as the central source of data, a translator (output) and the stimulus controller organs and systems that work on the human body. When the brain is interrupted or broken, then could be part or all of the mechanisms of the body.

Then we organ2 other vital in the human body: our heart. According to science, the heart is an organ that functions to pump blood, which overlooks the body gets signals from the brain to work automatically. Yes, the heart is a mechanical pump that can work automatically without our effect by the (intention) we. Why blood must be distributed? Because the blood transport oxygen and "food" that required cells to be human life (working properly). So also with the vital organs in the body such as lung, kidney, stomach and the other is a machine that works automatically with a special function which all form a system of sophisticated and stunning.

Then let us examine more of our senses through a short description. When we have studied organs our senses, then we can take the conclusion that the senses-senses we work as a collector of information about the stimulus and conditions faced by our bodies, or in a normal term with a sensor or tranduser in the field of engineering. We take for example the eye. According to scientific evidence, the eyes function as a camera sensor the withdrawal of the information the outside world. These results make the stimulus was changed into electrical signals that the brain and then translated and the result is displayed in the center of vision. Similarly with the ear. Organs such as the ear is a microphone that works automatically. Similarly senses-senses other senses such as smell senses taste, and touch, such as skin.

Besides the already mentioned, many other body parts that have specific functions, such as bones, muscles, hands, feet, and others. So if a conclusion is that the human body / animals and plants, is a masterpiece of the Creator, who created such great body not measurable. Start a small part of the body such as the cells only have a complex system. Then, cells continue to join this form organs that have different functions such as heart, brain, stomach, kidney lungs, eyes, nose, ear, nerve channels, meat (muscle), skin and others. And organs is each formed a special system that is different; such as respiratory system, ,digestive system, body metabolism system, reproductive system, immune system, the system of muscle movement and other systems. Then a combination of all systems related to this goal is a sophisticated machine called a body. And found that indeed the scientists working on the system mimics the body of living creatures that produce electricity robot-robot. That distinguishes them from material that the body is being formed from the living organic material, while the robot body was formed with the synthetic materials, metals and other man-made material. While equality of its (see how it works) is that both systems produce mechanical and electrical work, because both are actually the material that consists of atom-atom that contain (and the core electrons), so also is able to bring cash or electrical signals resulting from the electron movement in the atom-atom.
Once we know that our body is a machine, a question arises, namely: "Are we a machine? Machine that consists only of the atom-atom that is not yet able to have a rational mind, emotional feelings, desires? "If the answer is not. And who I am? What I think is, high and have a desire? Who said I was I? Whether or not the material I? Please you certainly have their own answers ..... thanks!


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