environmental pollution

Global environmental pollution issues

Baker burning of coal and oil in the motor vehicle industry and the increase of CO2 content in the air. Gas is also produced darikebakaran forest. CO2 gas will be gathered in the atmosphere bum. If the amount is excessive, CO2 gas will be gathered diatmosfer earth. If the amount is excessive, CO2 gas this summer akanmenghalangi reflection from the earth to the atmosphere so that the heat absorbed akan akan dipantulkan and return to earth. As a result, the temperature of the earth to be more heat. This condition is called greenhouse gases (gree-house effect). Selaingas CO2, other gases that cause greenhouse gases is yangberasal from CFC aerosol, gas metaaaaaaaaan who also comes from decaying animal dung.
Greenhouse gases da [at the temperature rose into the environment globally, or better known as the heating global.akibat global warming, the world's climate patterns to be changed. The sea surface to be increased, as a result of the polar ice mencairnya so that small islands will become tenggelam.keadaan affect the balance of ecosystem and harm living creatures, including humans.
A result that caused the occurrence of air pollution is acid rain. If acid rain occurs continuously will cause the land, lake, or river water into acid. Circumstances ituakanmengakibatkan plants danmikroorgaisme yanghidup inside danmati disrupted. This will affect the balance of ecosystem and human life.


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