michael jackson in memories

moon walk and michael jackson

Michael Jackson has been no, this is a global news, which he is a musician / singer popular in the world, who does not do Michael Jackson?
in the world of music he is known as a troubadour worldwide, after the dead are still many fans nya.album song michael jackson now looking back at the people and even now selling this CD or cassette is very high, because Michael Jackson fans who have a very much.
Many memories of Michael Jackson abandoned. One of them is the book autobiografi, 'Moon Walk'. Now, on the day of death of the King of Pop, the book go to the block at Rp 10 million.
Books that go to the block is not a book markets. Books is owned by a book store 'Elliot Katt Books'. The first bookstore in the area of West Hollywood, United States.
Michael Jackson had come to the bookstore. singer 'Beat It' was signed prompted one of the books' Moon Walk 'which is sold there.
"The owner seems very familiar with Michael Jackson," said Malcolm Bell, a friend of the owner of a bookstore, such as quotation from the Los Angeles Time, Friday (26/6/2009).
Book now with signature Jacko become objects cost. Bell also
sell iton EBay with a price of U.S. $ 999 or around Rp 10 million, Friday (26/6/2009) this.


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