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Paper The Future [Erasable Paper]

Technology has now found erasable paper (paper that can be deleted after printing). An event of global innovations that can change the world. This paper can be used to print repeatedly in order to be able to save paper and reduce the use of waste.

According to research, 40% of the office every day document printing is used only for temporary use. scientists have developed technology that lets users print at any time to re-use previously printed paper that is used only for a while.

This project is the result of cooperation between scientists and PARC (Palo Alto Research Center). Paul Smith, manager laborium new material synthesis and showed the ability to temporarily remove a paper that has been printed before.

Paper that is coated can be removed chemicals that can react with the light intensity in particular. When the paper is directed to the light, it will create the text that appears on the surface. Within 24 hours, this paper will be clean again by itself, and ready for use lagi.ini is good for the office that often use paper and can be in use again, according to research may be to remove 40% on the same day when printed.

Terobosanini something that is also significantly more environmentally friendly than current technology - the printing technology that can reduce waste up to 90%, and purify water with low cost energy to use than other methods konvensional.para scientists also found the method of printing documents that are difficult because they are capable dilakuakan forgery print-image hologram image size is very small - can only be read with the help of magnifying glass under ultra-violet rays.

"Tradition to change the way people interact with information and how to communicate in a business,"


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