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Article global ekonomic crisis

The impact of the global financial crisis is now, so that the economists do for to solve or find solutions baikm and act quickly.
in the middle of a crisis for the global products of Indonesia, economists say that the manufacturing industry will face pressure from the liquidity squeeze and the slump in the purchasing power, they said.

Conditions on the pressure will be put on a great expansion in the economy, they predict, will only grow four percent, not 6.2 percent from the previous prediction by the government in the middle of the year.

"Things bad in the input will be felt next year, if not immediately done yag serious handling by the government. Manufacturing industry will be weak, and unemployment will soar. Higher borrowing costs on housing and vehicles. That will make people angry middle-class to down, "
Instead of focusing on the attract foreign investment, the government suggested to strengthen the industry, while continually reducing the foreign debt.

"As you know, small industries to absorb 90 percent of workers, capital-intensive industries while only three to four percent,"
Econit economic groups urged the governemnt masse to create jobs for the people through the program significantly.

"This will increase revenue, and create greater domestic demand, and the economic wheel akan setabil face global crisis,"


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