global warming

Various disasters that occurred in Indonesia and other parts of the world in the last few years, this can not be separated from the environmental damage caused by humans. Large flood events, landslides, forest fires, and the like have been repeated and become melancholy event, which continues to increase, and archives the history of the album due to the suffering of disaster. Disaster silih changes occur, melancholy story of a disaster due to the thick, but unfortunately, we recall the very short to make many of us quickly forget, the more insensitive and ignorant, so that no longer have the will and resources to do the reflection, introspection, and action together berulangnya to prevent disaster. Environmental damage due to forest in indonesia pembalakan the last few years, this store is also the potential for disaster at any time will threaten our lives. Are we again follow the general pattern which is valid, that is a disaster waiting came first, something new for them?

There is an initiative of the Government of Indonesia has been supported by the central government organizations and non-government organizations to re-sculpt the history of pioneering and preserving the environment. Support from various parties, NGOs and international donors, to preserve the environment, seen from our cultural context, utterly indefensible if not welcomed and supported as well. We always uphold the culture of shame, the shame if we do not participate in things good and right. exist to maintain the good preservation of the environment, which benefits not only for us but also for human life in this world. Therefore, in accordance with the culture of Indonesia and the teachings of Islam, we certainly do not participate if ashamed to support a business that we do will prevent the destruction on earth. mirror seems to be how we should be ashamed to each other if we do not want to help others.

How should we? First, in my opinion, the response we should give no other is whole-hearted support and the ability to mewujudkannya so that we provide benefits for life. If 150 years ago Willem Iskander has struggled in the field of education to provide enlightenment for the people, and he has gold ink notch in his field, so we turn out to be a partisan environmental savior in the middle of the current capitalization of tangible derasnya limitless exploitation of the wealth nature around us even in the world. Lucky because we still have a little more the rest of the remaining natural forests in Indonesia, and therefore still have the opportunity to carefully guard and prevent the total extinction of the already experienced the other areas in Indonesia. We still have time to let our children and grandchildren to know different types of birds such as kak (rangkong) opy and so that is almost extinct, before we all can only be seen as a product such as the computer animated dinosaurs. But more than that, we also have the opportunity to ensure that the sources of water for our life does not die immediately, who, when he will die while living off the opportunities for our children and grandchildren. To be sure we do not want recorded in history as the generation that spent all the wealth of natural resources so that no provision at all for the living generation akan datang.Dengan other words, we are responsible for leaving and living space for future generations-generations of will occupy the space that we live tempati and "kuasai" now.

Second, the substantive, function and conservation goals that have been attached and become part of our culture in the past, even in the context that is still practiced by a limited part of our society up to now in the form of management "Lubuk Prohibition." We know the term is now very popular with the term conservation. We have the long term "arangan rarangan" (forest restrictions), "rarangan hole" (hole prohibition) and others, who by all our predecessors have been set in such a way with the various provisions of the rules or customs. There are regulations regarding the use of timber, hunting animals, the use of mines in the river, and so forth. All is valid and has become part of our system of community life in the past. Therefore, forest INDONESIA existent or only replicate the revitalization of the concept "Prohibition" that have become part of the culture INDONESIA.

Third, forest conservation will be managed with the collaborative involvement of residents and various stakeholders are equal and fair, also gives great opportunity for us to sharpen and strengthen the social solidarity that back in the popular term now called social capital (social capital). Progress in development can be achieved with good management is not limited only to material capital. Current studies show that a development program in perpetuity only possible when also invested in a so-called social capital. Social capital is realized in our ability to build relationships of trust with each other, our ability to develop the equal participation and fair, and our ability to knit institution or the rules and play menegakkannya fairly and consistently. Communities to manage the village, especially in cases of old villages that survive, prove ampuhnya pendayagunaan social capital in the management of natural resource property.

Model forest management restrictions by the villages around the river, which has lasted since 1980 slick-an example to be replicated for example in the management of other resources. Reservoir management system restrictions intikan pendayagunaan ber of social capital that can be a reference for us to manage the forest in Indonesia. If forest management is still a partial ban, and in an exclusive village, the opportunity for us to develop a management system based on social capital within the scope of the wider community, involving the village communities in the environment of national parks, Because basically the management of natural resources based social capital, as practiced through the forest is the implementation of the Prohibition of the civil society (civic community), then with the realization mozaik life of civil society in the context of forest management (the environment) will be meaningful as well as our contribution in realizing the "Civil SOCIETY OF INDONESIA" as far as the slogan.


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