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Disallows tread grass: Because Grass can produce electricity
Create all of the grass-like tread, do not do more ... Why? because the grass can produce electricity!

Green technology or green technology likely to become a world trend of late. Similarly, in making computers. Ideas to make energy efficient computers and to create alternative energy in developing the computer. Laptops energy efficient, small laptops like Eee PC ASUS property or the property Anoa Zyrek is also energy saving efforts.

this time a cool innovation from the Lawn PC. They make grass (yups, I mean the grass is artificial grass) is able to produce electricity. Each sheet of "leaves" this grass is able to produce 60 watts of energy per hour. Energy is channeled to the lower part of the energy collectors. Power of this grass does not need a cooling fan, just make sure that leaves exposed to sun and get fresh air, so do not worry about it becoming too hot.

Grass-grass is made of solar panel system that can be recycled (biodegradeble). Grass-grass can also be released for use on the instruments of power the other. In the picture below, the bottom of the white is his PC. According to the plan, power will also be integrated with the wireless transmission of power to give the efficiency (I need to have cable mbulet, etc.).
See only the leaves are its solar panels. Cool is not it? therefore, from this moment you should tread grass. Moreover, the grass is green and alternative energy such as this

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