STRATEGY Human Resources (HR) VS the financial crisis GLOBAL

Global monetary conditions that have lasted for over a month because of this one of the financial companies Lehman Brothers in the United States roll the mats. Clearly, it only affects the U.S. economy. Slowly surely also affect the entire country, as in Europe and Asia. Can even become a threat. This can be seen from the condition of the Asian stock down; JCI in exchange effects decrease sharply; rupiah against the dollar price increased to Rp 9,665 / U.S. $, oil prices down to reach U.S. $ 90 / barrel. Despite the U.S. government has issued a policy bale out of U.S. $ 700 billion, but still worthy of note. Do they finally have the business to Indonesia?

If it is not prepared monetary policy and the strategic economic and feared it may cause the financial crisis and the economy both volumes. As the Indonesian monetary crisis and the economy worse in the years 1997-1998. When the U.S. dollar value of the increase in the one side and the other economic fundamentals that cause the fragile world of many business shut. Is more a result of a termination of employment (PHK). Will it happen again now? This is very dependent on the balance sheet effect of the policy bale out the U.S.. If at least a month in this policy is able to muffle the multidimensional crisis in the U.S. are expected to reduce the negative effects of monetary conditions and the global economy. While in Indonesia, the tight money policy and raise the BI rate to be 9:25% hopefully solution can be short term. In addition, export activities should be encouraged by giving incentives such as fiscal. Thus the target of economic growth can be met.
At the micro level, companies must be able to muffle unrest among the employees regarding the issue of PHK. Companies must have a human resources strategy that is effective and efficient for the effects of the monetary crisis and the domestic world. Strategy is to increase the productivity and quality of work must be applied. Program supervision of the process product of goods and services increase the quality. The quality of working life in the working groups is effective to increase the productivity of employees. In addition, a proposed savings in the use of company resources, such as electricity, fuel, and water, need to be encouraged. Respondent is the role of managers who are able to encourage a comfortable work atmosphere. Intensive coordination is required from the manager when the company already has a target-specific target for export, for example. Management is expected to be the incentive bonus compensation can also help realize the stability of the productivity standard.


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