environmental pollution

The efforts of environmental pollution

Various efforts have been made, both by government and society to cope with environmental pollution, among others, through counseling and environmental regulation. However, the business will not succeed if there is no support and public awareness of the environment.
To demonstrate our concern for the environment, we need to act. Some of the ways that can be done to tackle environmental pollution, including the following:

1. The trash in its place.

River to the trash or drain will cause the water flow is obstructed. As a result, the garbage will pile up and rot. Waste that cause Foul odor in addition to savory also not the place have a different breed types of disease. In addition, can cause flooding in the rainy season.
One way to cope, especially waste household waste is to utilize a Compost. Waste - waste separated between organic and inorganic waste.
Furthermore, the organic waste in ground so that the buried into Compost. The inorganic waste such as used cans and plastic can be recycled at the household and other goods.

2. Of industrial waste

Waste from industry, especially those containing chemicals, must be removed before processed first. This will reduce pollution in the material. Thus the contamination from waste materials that contain materials that can be removed so that the poison is not possible ecosystem.
Placing the factory or industrial area that is far in the crowd of people. This is done to avoid contagion from factory waste and smoke factory for the life of the community.

3. Of air pollution
Air pollution due to burning of the remaining vehicles and factory smoke, and by others can be prevented with finance the fuel oil.
Need to be an alternative source of fuel is environmentally friendly, such as electric vehicles have the energy. In addition, the business is done to record and to limit the number of vehicles eligible to operate. Especially controlling and checking out of the smoke and vehicle exhaust.

4. Does held in major cities
Plants able to absorb CO2 in the air for photosynthesis. There is a path hiliau akan reduce the CO2 content in the air of smoke coming from the motor vehicle manufacturer or smoke. Thus, green plants can reduce air pollution.
In addition, the green plants release O2 to the atmosphere.

5. The use of fertilizer and pest repellent plants drugs in accordance
The provision of fertilizer to the plants can improve agriculture. On the other hand, can cause pollution if the fertilizer into the water.
Eutrofikai is one of the negative impact caused by artificial fertilizers into the water.

So also with the use of anti-drug crop pests. If the usage exceeds a specified dose will cause pollution. Besides can contaminate the environment can also resulted in the loss certain organisms such as bacteria that are required or The insects help pollination of plants.
Of biological pest eradication is one of the alternatives that can reduce pollution and damage to agricultural ecosystem.

6. Reduction of CFC use
To measure CFCs in afrnosfer takes about one hundred years one way penanggulangannya is to reduce the use of CFCs is not necessary by the use of human Reduce the use of CFCs can prevent damage to the ozone layer in the atmosphere so that it can reduce global warming.


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