Electric Cars as Barack's NEW Strategy for Transportation fuels

Plug-in hybrids (and electric car) is a critical strategy in the climate or the time that happens now and this is part of the technology to tackle impact of global penanasan that this happens now.

Chinese company last fall launched the first mass production of plug-in hybrid in the world. Akan show back F3DM plug-in hybrid sedan, and the new E6 electric vehicle crossover. Executive who will explain the lithium iron phosphate cells, and Dual-Mode plug-in hybrid sistem.dapat dismissed as another Chinese car company (there are several dozen), except the famous investor Warren Buffet acquired 10 percent stake in the parent company last September. Cars is a subsidiary of BYD Company Ltd., the world second largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, such as the GM does not have to buy the cell from other companies.
with the company that developed the car-based electricity will reduce the impact of pollution on sebabkann by vehicles ini.mari now going to switch to environmentally friendly vehicles.

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