40th Anniversary of Earth Day

40th Anniversary of Earth Day in april 2010

For 40 years Earth Day anniversary in 2010, the world in greater danger than now, but there is also unprecedented opportunity, namely to build a new future. Earth Day has the power to bring about progress in the history of climate policy, energy and green jobs and catalyze millions of personal commitment to make sustainability - "A Billion Acts of Green" - the strength of the community to mobilize to make changes by taking small steps in our house , our school and our business, which add up to large collective action.

Earth Day 40 years is very important for people, companies and governments to join together to create a global green economy and convenience. Our coordinated efforts will now be recognized by future generations as a pivot.

So why wait? You start planning Earth Day 2010 event or take action right now, and join in all forms of social community to preserve the environment for our children and grandchildren who will be in the come.come on saved the world!

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  1. Robert Almares said...
    I've never taken part in Earth Day. Maybe I'll do it this year, but I can't imagine what I'll do to participate.

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