earth day 2009

hope the new earth day 2009

Since this year 2008-2009, has been a lot of things done to improve our environment. This can be seen from several factors, including:
* Concern individuals and organizations to participate in preserving the environment.
* The more communities that together make the environment.
* Car free day is done more often.
* The more people who Bike2Work cycling or just relaxing.
* More and more teachers who care and teach students about the environment.
* Movement to plant trees in the more often do by the organization and community environment lover conscious environment.
* The more user electric motor.
* The construction of housing that many more green, and beautiful to use less energy.
* The more who want to organic agriculture and also the buyers of organic vegetables.
* Etc ... etc ... etc ... (perhaps you can also add)

Now this is for sure, all this initiative is for the long term, so that even though so many have done, it still feels there is no effect. The term is, the most easily cut down a tree. But to treat and to the healthy trees and large take a very long time. Tree planting so that all we do may feel the effect will be 10 more years.
But other than good things above, are still a lot of things that are also harmful to our environment such as

* User and the motor car continues to grow each day
* Logging still occurs
* Mass transportation, we also hope so not appropriate to reduce the interest to increase public
* Still too many people continue to throw garbage carelessly
* Too much water is also still disposeuseless and does not in the patch * Etc. ... etc. ...

Therefore, with the hope that we can contribute, any small, to our environment, then hopefully we will continue to environment can be better so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy the beautiful Earth of the creator this.start is from now and starts from ourselves, family, the environment, with the start of the small things that make many of its will get maximum results.


  1. Beth said...
    Some other good ways to contribute and you can earn money is, this might sound funny, picking up NewPort packs and saving the UPC. You can sell these online or turn them in for some very nice gifts and it helps with littering.

    This is a good for everyday thing, happy earth day and make everyday earth day.
    Joyce G. Emor said...
    Nice post. informative one.Keep it up!

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