WOC (World ocean conference)

Six head of state / government participants KTT coral triangle initiative (CTI) agree with the stated political commitment to protect the marine area, In cooperation, the six countries in the region of 5.7 million KM "agree coordinate in protecting resources laut.commitment country that the leaders will also be realized with a budget allocation in each country to save the coral

The CTI's declaration made in the Grand Convention Center Kawanua, manado, Friday (15/05/2009). To mark the event's history, after signing the Declaration of Leaders CTI, they also signed inscription KTT CTI.

to the six countries are: President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono (INDONESIA), presiden Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (Philippines), President Ramos Horta (East Timor),PM Solomon Derek Sikua (KKepulauan), PM Michael Somare (Papua New Guinea), and PM Najib Razak. The Declaration is considered an action plan preservation of marine resources are very ambitious.

That is why they come together at this time to prevent lost its wealth and guard for the future of generations to come

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