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Communities in the areas that still many employers to be soy-based foods that produce waste, even at this time in indonesia significant increase. This is based on the consumption of foods high in these regions. This condition occurs due to purchasing power people due to the crisis is still low, so know where is the wise choice as a side dish pauk. However, the issue of waste to be segregated out. Waste is a very smelly sting so that the community activities. If the force in the know make their own intalasi processing waste, the condition of capital and the volume of production can not cover the cost a made. Producers in the know fear running out of capital. Livestock goat, cow, horse, chicken is still a profession as a small community in indonesia. Low level of education and employment rise to a narrow productive people do not have a choice in the search for sustenance. Unfortunately, the cattle pen-pen is in the midst of settlement residents. Conditions such as this that cause the smell of the other. The problem is almost the same as the impact caused by waste out. From these findings, I think that only the government that must act in solving this problem. Government in charge should be more seriously in tackling this problem. Involve the community in every element of planning and management of each program in a given society, so that not only impressed the planning, should be carried out with the concrete. Because the liquid waste from cattle feces and the production process based on soy foods cause the smell and the sting people, while the cost of fuel oil are high. Then the solution of interest in the offer through a simple concept, namely the utilization of waste that is the fuel as a substitute for oil ....?. For instance, for example, process waste into bio-gas that can be used by the community itself as a substitute for oil, but the processing requires the intervention of the government, most likely because of financial problems hampered the community. Biogas is gas produced from the fermentation process of organic material by bacteria-bacteria anaerob the bacteria that live in a hermetic condition. Organic material is placed in a hermetically closed space which is called digester so anaerob bacterial decay of organic material, which then produces a gas called Biogas. Biogas that has been collected in the digester then flowed through the PVC pipe to use as the location of the stove and lights. Composition of the gas there is in the Biogas is: Methana (CH4) 40 to 70%, carbon dioxide (CO2) 30 to 60%, hydrogen (H2) 0 to 1%, and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) 0 to 3%. Calorie value of 1 cubic meter Biogas around 6000 watts a day, equivalent to half a liter diesel oil. Therefore Biogas is suitable as a fuel alternative environmental friendly substitute for kerosene, LPG, butane, coal, and other materials derived from fossil. Methan burning gas to cook the blue fire and no smoke. For example, the methane gas produced from 40 kg cow dung can be used to heat the stove for 6 hours. If an average cow can produce sewage water mixed with about 20 kilograms every day, it means that two cows have been enough to meet the energy needs of a kitchen, Gas produced flowed through a plastic hose to the stove. In addition, the biogas for lighting up with a pipe connecting directly to the storongking, flame produced with the oil based fuel. Review of economic aspects, waste cattle dung, and know where that has been lost gasnya organic fertilizer which is very rich in the elements needed by plants. Families that use biogas is no need for the purchase of fuel can have their needs met. In general, all types of organic materials can be processed to produce biogas, however, only organic material (solid, liquid) such as the homogeneous human sewage, waste from Tempe, dirt etc. poultry farm. For human feces is likely to unite the channel disposal in the bathroom or toilet in the system to Biogas. Finally, how beautiful life out of the Tempe and cattle breeder in the area if you have the installation of bio-gas that will help their life's needs and kerosene lighting. The role of local government should be more on the technology geliat simple, effective and inexpensive a very direct impact for the community.
development of bio-gas is also the need to develop materials such as organic waste, and likely problems for this waste, akan akan may be reduced even more so bermanpaat and in the field of economics. "Let's Keep and Maintain the world"

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