Indonesia is a country that has more than 30% of forest area is still a very green and beautiful, and its sustainability is still awake.
INDONESIA but also have a very complex problem with waste, in various corners of the city that there are still many people who carelessly dispose of garbage, which caused the problems that need to be handling the government is very serious.

in the BANDUNG city government, for example in a whirl by waste.but problems in handling the waste problem has involved the cooperation of the slick in lover declare by the government and the environment.
titled the BANDUNG GREEN and CLEAN (BGC), which has not been this long in the declare in the BANDUNG.
Movement in the VE GREEN CLEAN and this government to provide millions of rupiah for a gift that can make environmental movement in the region.
this is in the positive welcome by the people who care about lingkungan.dan berlomba to create a clean environment.
I also hope the other countries do the same movement of the earth to create a beautiful and clean.
Title: BANDUNG Green and Clean 2009
Festival period: April-July 2009
Category: General
Each district must enroll each RW to follow this competition. Total 100 RW.
Estimator order: Unilever, Rase FM Radio, The People's Institute of Technology and Implementation city government Bandung.
Race Rating:
a. Phase I
a. Waste Management
b. IM
c. Community Participation (50 cadres / RW)
b. Phase II
a. Waste Management
b. IM
c. Recycling
d. Community Participation (100 Kader / RW)
e. Replication Region min. I RW (Kader 50)
Fund award: With the total value of Rp. 35,000,000, - (Three forty five million rupiahs)
Organizer: Unilever, Rase FM Radio, The People's Institute of Technology and Penerapat city government Bandung.
Special conditions

1. Having a group that conduct activities or IM and hygiene, and waste processing dilingkungannya actively.
2. Group has at least 50 (fifty) per person cadre RW, driving the RW akan represent its various activities to follow relating to the race:

* Making a presentation on each stage of selection of about 30 plans relating to the waste problem in the region and IM.
* For the RW that passes the selection, one (1) the person fasilitatornya (FTT) are willing to undertake training to increase knowledge and skills in processing waste, IM & resapan.
* FTT is prepared in the community environment to implement activities related to hygiene and Does in the environment respectively.
PHASE Selection
1. BIG Selection (specify 100 candidates

* Kelengkapan administration
* Fulfilling the terms of general
* Fulfilling the specific requirements
2. 100 Selection (specify 100 RW

* The situation and the conditions attached to the appropriate RW
* Zest of race against
3. FINAL Selection (set 30 RW

* The program of work presented in the presentation frame
* Situation & conditions of the support
* Zest cadres, citizens and community leaders

* Only applicants who pass the selection process will be notified directly by the committee through a formal letter / announcement through Rase FM Radio and Pikiran Rakyat
* Announcement of the results in the selection of 5 and 30 through RW Rase FM Radio and Pikiran Rakyat
General Terms

1. RW representing each of the villages in the demonstration area in the district by city
2. Had not become winners IM hygiene and environment (city level)
3. Fill out the form and list of questions to race readiness of the head of the RW with the one (1) the facilitators who will be sent (list of fields is provided).
4. Attach photos that reflect the environmental conditions at this time (max. 10 images that represent the region).
5. Submit a form to the committee selambatnya on 8 May 2009.
6. Following the technical meeting and socialization race Bandung Green & Clean 2009 is represented by one representative RW.
Place and time (tentative)
a. Phase I
Tata way race:

* In carrying out its duties, FTT akan assisted / accompanied by volunteers who have been previously provided with the knowledge and skills needed.
* The facilitator & volunteer participants will make a report periodically to monitor the activities carried out.
* In addition to reports from the volunteers, the team scorer will reduce the field to conduct an assessment of open and secret.
* The total of 30 akan Rase FM Radio broadcast and Pikiran Rakyat
Announcements & gift delivery will be made in July 2009.
PRA Race
RW Training Facilitator

* Understanding the purpose, goal setting and race
* Training of processing waste, IM & resapan water
* KIAT and motivate the community
* KIAT fundraising for IM hygiene and environmental & water resapan
* Formulating dilingkungan work each
Refund form BGC 2009 April 2009

* Training of 100 facilitators in May 2009
* The RW 100 Program May-June 2009
Rating * Phase I (RW 100) June 2009
* The announcement of 30 June 2009
* The race for June 30-July W3 2009
* Rating for the end of 30 July 2009
* Announcement of the winners in July 2009
* Form a list of fields and can be taken and submitted to the address: Office BPLH Bandung, Jl. No Middle Sadang. 4-6 Bandung 022-2511513
LPTT-BGC: Jl. No Tubagus Ismail. 40 Bandung
Tlp. 022-82523409,
Cp: Tri Cahyana 08170213972
Novi Varlina Ristandi 022-82523409
Rase FM Radio: Jl. Setiabudhi no. 19 Bandung
022-2038390, Cp: San-san/Anggia
Pikiran Rakyat: Jl. Asia Africa no. 77 Bandung
Cp: Widya (022) 4240600
Office BPLH Bandung: Jl. No Middle Sadang. Bandung 4-6
022-2511513, Ir. Lita Endang s, Msi.

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