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Global warming comes from the release of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere, especially when we burn fossil fuels and clear forests. The problems that resulted from a variety of excess carbon from the following extreme heat, drought, and storms to acidifying oceans and sea level rise. To help avoid the worst impact of this, the United States must play a leadership role and begin to cut heat-trapping emissions-to-day and aims to at least reduce the impact of global warming that is now increasing.
Scientists and economists' Call for Swift and Deep Cuts in Greenhouse Gas Emissions is a call to lead the nation to require immediate, decrease in heat trapping emissions that cause global Heating. This statement is supported by scientists and economists that are relevant, with the expertise to understand the economics and the dimension of climate change, impacts, and solutions. This marks the first time leading scientists and economists have joined together to make an appeal.
The growth momentum is to make the policy and close down the nation's heat-trapping emissions. central features of policy-debates in Congress, in international negotiations, and in the statehouses and legislatures across the country more quickly and how very emissions should be reduced. Being part of efforts to encourage action on climate change.
We can choose to transition to a clean energy economy address many challenges-oil dependency, energy security, global warming, air pollution, or we can choose to ignore this problem.

We can make the transition to a clean energy economy today, while Protecting our climate, breaking our dependence on oil, and putting Americans back to work. What we need is a comprehensive set of smart policies to jump-start this transition without delay and maximize the benefits to our environment and economy. The time to act is now.


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