Hello here I want to now try to share ideas or discussion about our situation this earth.
Where we can solve the problem of the earth, we are now this:
I think if, in protecting the earth we must start to change how we view life and little by little lifestyle change that can increase the problems in the earth, for example:
we must realize that this earth should we keep, through the awareness that comes from within us will create a love of the earth, it will trigger us to do things that can keep this earth.

at the start of this small example of what the nature lover who has to re-planting the forest bare, maintain ecosystem, not to destruction on the earth.
That is among the things that a small change we must start, not until our children and grandchildren can not experience or enjoy this beautiful earth that we ulah because in maasa now.
let's start from our own environment that is around us, do not do the berhayal big but never terealisasikan, just a concept or just idea.
With the movement to establish or solidarity / community care environment in which have plans to protect the earth and not only up to a plan without the realization or implementation of the verification.

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  1. Michelle said...
    Great advice! Wish everyone would listen!

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