DO YOU KNOW ??? do not leave electronic equipment nempel always on the contacts the stop - albeit in a state of death = 40-50% cost saving electricity you must pay each
month! also means, reduce the heat arising from the electronic equipment that contribute to global warming.

2.DO YOU KNOW ??? Plastic bags take 1000 years to unravel in the TPA (the final disposal). About 300 million pieces of plastic bags discarded each year in Indonesia.
Not to be thrown in the river behind the house and places that are not proper. 10kg newsprint and ready to sell in the flea market that requires 1 tree that takes 10tahun to be large. Imagine going to the illegal logging ... how many trees cutdown has been for you? Imagine how they make the world hotter?

3.DO YOU KNOW ??? When you buy a 1 liter mineral water in the supermarket to buy = 5 liters of water. Ask why? Because the factory, plastic bottles to cool down the hot new printed, requires 5 liters of water. See also Code what bottles to use as a safe water bottle? See under the sign of a bottle, find the number 2.3 or 4.selain nomor2 that, they're not safe, because as you eat plastic aja!

4.DO YOU KNOW ??? Tisue is already in use that can not recycle in the ... so-cardboard carton which is used to oil, food, cakes, drinks ... They're only a waste ... the land it would like it to be merecycle. Estimates put the seeds tisue 6 a day. 2200 seeds a year. Means that approximately 44 BILLION seeds all over Indonesia for one year! If we save 1 sheet each day ... sajah means we reduce the waste of paper as much as 7 MILIIAR seeds a year. why not?

5. Be Green on ATM? What I have in the BCA who take money for it ... or receipt is to be smart ... Transfer via Internet banking going mobile banking .... 8 BILLION times in ATM transactions are issued a paper receipt of each year is one of the biggest sources of waste in the world. For one year if the transaction ngga pake paper receipt, it would save a roll of paper that can be created around the equator line 15 times ...

6.DO YOU KNOW ???Have at least 2 kinds of trash into the home, help reduce water pollution, air and land. Separate wet garbage (food and the rest of the cuisine, leaves, water) and dry waste (bottles, plastic, paper, glass) Better to separate waste according to 4 classes:
* Plastic (food wrappers, kresek bag, shopping bag)
* Households (chicken bones, the remaining capcay, stale food)
* Paper , baby nappies, which have been used tisue) Used books, records, paper-paper invoices, newspapers, paper ads ... for sale.
* Metal (susu cans, food cans) and glass.
Only takes 2 minutes to make household waste into compost that can be used for fertilizer plants ...?

7.DO YOU KNOW ??? Polar Bear / real polar bear can swim ... but because of global warming in the Arctic, they have to swim 30km to find ice shelter.
Watch Discovery CHANNEL: PLANET EARTH ... sentimental struggle to see a polar bear who eventually died from exhaustion explore the land.
Is that the world will you leave for your children?

so .. do not say "ah .. it does not matter, why a small, "or" ugh sourish do! ", or" leave it, only one paper only "if the same land we love, and our children and grandchildren, do not let little things any damage or pollute our earth it.


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