global economic crisis

Due to global warming

Are now going to the global warming, all human experience is a result of global warming, and are: temperature of the increasing heat, the weather is not so certain and which increase the keterpurukan global economic crisis is being felt by countries in the world it.

True, the current countries in the world feel the problems are ongoing, global warming could not already in atasi happen again now that the global economic crisis does not quite compare with the global warming.
Global economic crisis has been the victim swallow countries that are less strong economy, and they seek help for example to the world bank, and loans that it will spend in a very heavy burden to be able membayarnya.sampai-up to become a legacy for the younger generation who will come .
This must be thinking all of us, which is equivalent to lerpas of this issue and a worthy life.
Here we are required to be able to build our economy so that countries can be separated from jeratan global economic crisis and debt bagin not leaving our children and grandchildren in the future.


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