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There are some parties who think that global warming skeptic is just a concern of some scientists over-paranoid.However, at this time the parties may need to re-think after seeing the number of scientist-scientist who became increasingly paranoid after seeing so many facts and symptoms that demonstrate how natural its serious Global Warming.In addition to scientists, mass media also gives attention to the increasingly serious on this topic.After a series of horrific facts that have occurred up to now we are on the most important question:Is there a solution out of all these problems? Good News FOR ALL WE: there is SOLUTIONS to stop global warming, and at this time WE AS YET HAVE the opportunity to do so. That we need is a willingness to change the stong! Basically, we should do is reduce as closely as possible all the activities that produce greenhouse gas emissions.

(1) Stop or reduce it to eat meat!
(2) Limit carbon dioxide emissions it!
(3) Plant more trees!
(4) Recycling (Recycle) and re-use
(5) Use an alternative means of transportation to reduce carbon emissions

Do change!!!
One thing that is very important in addition to the five things you can do the above is the desire and motivation to change your own. The suggestions above will not only be meaningful if the reading without real action. We should really start doing it in daily life. You do not need to take extreme steps to immediately change only in the night when it is too heavy for you. Do it gradually but consistently with the commitment you So obvious example for the environment and the people around you. Examples and practices that you have provided is very important to
Conference for many people also changed. Give information to people around you so they can understand the consequences of the pattern of their lives. And give them encouragement or support to try to pattern noble life that will save our beloved planet this.


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    alwayswinner786 said...
    You have raise your voice about a very serious issue.Global warming is a global threat. It's high time that we all realize that we as well as coming generation will have to face life threatning problem for this. If everyone of us plant a tree then may be some day we will again get the blessing of Mother Earth and live in a healthy world.
    Keep up the good job.
    All the best.
    raj said...
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