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In the crisis that we experienced today, we can in charge to economize in the economic field and in the field of fuel .deep for example: in the use of fuel for cars or other vehicles, on the regions / countries are now in developing the so-called the biofuel from the raw materials or natural vegetation.

for example:
Recently, a study of oil produced by algae, which can be a source of biodiesel update.

"for 20 years conducted research algae, can produce lipids, actually the latest discovery of the price of fuel is very expensive, fuel from algae an option."
Almost all algae contain oil. This oil can be harvested and converted into biofuels in the same way oil is harvested from plants such as canola and camelina.

researchers to gather various types of algae species to learn the result of oil and most of that oil can produce the most efficient. Test algae will come of all that is in the laboratories across the country and from different samples,
After the researchers found candidate species, they will propagate algae in the "raceway." In the 10,000-gallon algae, the climate-controlled water tank that has a machine that is continually moving, but must be careful so that they can grow more efficiently.

"Although the algae biofuel research have not moved much in the last 20 years, working with the molecular algae has made some significant progress," the researchers move forward more quickly than scientists who do research in the 1980s.

"using natural organisms is not only to decide anything but to produce something,", "This is the opportunities to use bioprocessing capability to produce something of value to society."
Ideally, the process of harvesting algae is maintaining itself, since small organisms spend most of their time just soaking up the sun and receive.

Algae can produce more usable oil per Acre from plants such as soybean or canola. Soybean yield about 50 gallons of oil per Acre per year; Acre of canola that produce approximately 130 gallons per year. Algae, but at least can produce 4000 gallons of oil per Acre in the same time.

"Algae have to produce about 200 times more biodiesel per Acre of other biofuel crops,". "And the 200 number may be low."
Algae also have benefits that make them easier on agriculture growers, Algae farms can be located in non-agricultural land and can use the main water not suitable for food crops.

"Algae, unlike some other biofuel crops, as food does not ganda, which means that they harvest for biofuel production will not affect the price of food will be diverted as if we are part of the corn crop for biofuel,"
Algae is a living being, not just raw materials, so to find the best type of algae is used and the best practices to make them produce oil for biodiesel will be an important part of the research.
to expand operations to the industrial scale and in turn to a business.


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