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The development of the industry at this time is very rapid and economic growth can happen that the more people become better, but besides that, these industries use a lot of ground water and throw them away after a waste industry.

Industrial waste if not managed properly will cause environmental pollution that will result in very bad for the environment.
Examples are: industrial waste in the form of liquid waste directly in to river without going through the stages of processing waste in the government suggest, will create ecosystem / water biota in this waste in the skip will damaged, for example: water that has been dirty that can kill fish water is who live in, the water becomes dirty, the smell tercium less tasty, and so forth.
Therefore let us keep the land and water do not remove the waste industry to the river without going through the stages of processing limbah.hal above has been set and there is law for everyone or industry which is still in violation, or remove limbahnya to the river without going through the wearing of a criminal or civil sanction.


  1. Harry Seenthings said...
    walah...makin mantab ajah jang...selamat yah.....jalan-jalannya mainkan dong....sukses yah, ough iya...ntuh untuk comment di buka dong biar public semua bisa koment
    Anonymous said...
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    raj said...
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