Global warming is one of the most serious challenges today. To protect the health and economics in order to become good for the generation now and the future, must reduce gas emissions that trapped hot by using technology, the technical skill, and the practical solution with matters that positif,rescued the world for the generation that will come with not always mengunakan or carried out agricultural produce drilling that excassive,but this drilling could not in rehabilitation in a period of that was short. Let's develop the potentials that could replace results of drilling with that was more environment-friendly for example bioethanol.
Bioetanol was hope as the replacement or the choice in saving the source of energy that was produced from the stomach often was found by the alternative to the alternative that kept big hope for humankind.

For example currently already many that developed the production bioetanol,moreover in some ethanol countries currently has been made the motor vehicles fuel his example:mobil,motorcicle et cetera.

Now in Indonesia often was found from various bases that could produce bioethanol,his example him sorgum,sweet potatoes,and in Indonesia often was used that is alternative gas from the waste of the livestock and plants that often were spread in the area of indonesia,was eceng gondok,and henceforth.


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