Korean peninsula

Security Council of the United Nations (UN-DK) Monday (13 / 4) in statement launch rudal criticize North Korea and agreed increase sanctions against Pyongyang.
inform the such as AFP, the UN Security Council-in statemennya is launching rudal criticize North Korea on four April. Ditandatangan these statements by the five permanent members of the Council. According to the Security Council steps Pyongyang in violation of this resolution in 1718 that this council was released in 2006. In the resolution Korean prohibited conduct various nuclear test or launch of rudal. It also prohibits statements north Korean to launch new rudal for the future.
But North Korea has now test rudal try under the ground, triggering criticism that while the threat from countries in the surrounding areas (South Korea), which will now join the American union, in an effort to prevention of weapons of mass destruction in the estimate made by Koreans in the north.
Therefore the two countries now is tough, because South Korea breathe will perform inspections for vessels in North Korea suspected of carrying out incoming materials that will be used as weapons of mass destruction, it is hard to trigger a reaction from Korea north with the statement that in South Korea by gratitute Amerika.But with North Korea stitment respond with that to anyone who undertakes the examination of ship-ship, will get a sudden attack.
This seems to trigger the return to war in the Korean peninsula .Its also feared by countries in the world but will increasingly difficult economy that is now over and the problem of global warming should be dicarikan solution.


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