water as a source of life

water, things are for people, water is the source of human life that may not be able to be replaced by anything

water is for all people, to keep a spare water man claimed not to disrupt what the
the return of water into the soil
, for example: forests, mountains, land and water reserve that is now much more bit.its all caused by man's own whim, for example: rake forest as a source of water, drilling water to the incessant, the return of water into the soil land and build the water-rise buildings only for personal or economic interest groups.
therefore we must maintain the preservation of forests as a source of water for human life now or in the future, how our children and grandchildren fate later when the water reserves in the earth has been reduced by this man now.
for example: we do reboisai, converse forests, protect forests, and so forth.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Good site, good message, tks telah berkunjung, salam
    Raymond Lee said...
    I totally agree with your forest = water..

    I saw people drinking river at forest but not at Sea...so forest purify our drinking water even beter then those water tank...
    SBA said...
    Another good reason to conserve forests! We need your type of blog and dedication to spread the word about our natural resources that most of us take for granted.
    raj said...
    gud info abt water... great job & very helpful...nice blog
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