flu pigs

I want to continue the discussion in the next global warming.the into global problems in the second time this global warming is happening: there are so many natural disasters that befall countries in the world, such as with the tsunami, the waterspout, where flood - everywhere, landslides, Aila, and diseases that attack them globally in just going recently have plu birds (H5N1) and the current that is still new plu pigs (H1N1), which does not make less panic in the community.

Plu pigs is now increasingly widespread, and this makes the people around the world fear the virus will be infected has now fell ill side.yang of them are african, Singapore, and perhaps the more that will plague-stricken. So it's now the state - countries are making preparations for the prevention or suffering, these countries do prevention among disinfektan with spraying in the area pig farm, install equipment measuring heat / temperature in each body of the international airport where the entrance and exit-so.
Premonition that this earth or the creator of sorts began will whim of the man does not damage the nature reserve for the sake of economic development alone without thinking about consequences.
here I invite and let's keep nature or the earth for our children and grandchildren.

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