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Environmental Conservation / Movement Moral Being Social Movement

What is the environment? Fundamental question must be missed before the tread more about preserving the environment. The environment is a space that consists of several components that interact each other in balance. The process of interaction is caused by a different function of each of each individual living beings and strive to maintain and sustain the existence and function. Components that there is life in space are:

1. Environmental biology (organic), all things that are biotis
2. Environmental physical (inorganic), the environment consists of cosmic style and fisigeografis: land, air, water, radisai, tensile strength, waves, and so forth.

Social environment, consisting of:
1. Composite environment, the environment is regulated institutional, in the form of public institutions
2. Psychosocial, which is associated with bathin human behavior, such as attitudes, views, desire, confidence. This can be seen from the customs, religion, ideology, language and others.
3. Fisiososial, the material culture that includes: equipment, weapons, machinery, buildings and so forth.
4. Biososial than men, and men, the men against each other and interact with animals and plants, domestic and all materials used that come from human sources organic.

With the above understanding of the environment, the efforts to conserve environmental preservation efforts is the component and its environment and function of the inherent interactions that occur between components. Of differences in function between the components in the development and utilization, the preservation is not understood as the utilization is limited. However, conservation should be understood as the function of attention to each component and interactions between environmental components and in the end, it is expected that preservation of the environment will guarantee the existence of each component of the environment. With a guaranteed existence, a sustainable environment can be realized.
Efforts to conserve the environment showed a lot of success and not a few who have experienced barriers in reaching the goal of sustainable lingkungn. Efforts are more visible as a movement that stands alone in each location. In addition, the conservation efforts that have been conducted less perceived benefit both the medium-term and long-term.

Likewise with the environment that has been dilakuakan by the Lovers of Nature for this, put more emphasis on the appeal to do something better or to prohibit something that is considered detrimental lingkungan.Namun need to be much short of an establishment does not want to achieve that goal, the form of the conservation efforts are sporadic and not integrated. This is the weak point of the appeal by dikumandangkan a lover of nature, or in other words it does not attempt more than merely moral movement.


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