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pollution and greenhouse

The greenhouse effect refers to changes in the temperature of a stable state of the planet or moon, by the atmosphere that contains gases that absorb infrared radiation and. Greenhouse gases, including water vapor, carbon dioxide and methane, which efficiently absorb the infrared radiation emitted by the surface of the earth, the atmosphere itself, and by clouds. As a result of warming air also infra red radiation from all directions, including to the bottom surface of the earth. Thus, greenhouse gases trap heat in the surface troposphere system. This mechanism is fundamentally different from the mechanism of actual greenhouse, which isolates the air is not in the structure so that heat is not lost by convection and conduction, as discussed below, the greenhouse effect has been found by Joseph Fourier in 1824.
Greenhouse gases to the Earth, the average surface temperature of 14 ° C (57 ° F) can be a low as -18 ° C (-0.4 ° F), the body temperature of the earth. Anthropogenic global warming (AGW), recent warming of the Earth's temperature as evidenced by the continuing global meningkat.diyakini as a result of the effect of "greenhouse" mainly caused by increased production of greenhouse gases concentration in the air and changes in land use. greenhouse gases is one of several factors that affect the temperature of the earth. In our solar system, Mars, Venus, and the moon also shows greenhouse gases in accordance with their respective environment. In addition, Titan has a greenhouse effect that is similar to the effect of anti-house kaca.Selain greenhouse pollution also occurs as a result of the factories on the planet and also waste gas vehicles continues to increase at this time.


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