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Biotechnology is one of the areas of science where living things are used for the product or to do something for humanity. Plants, animals and micro organisms such as bacteria used to produce the good for man. In industry and agriculture, Biotechnology can be used to solve problems and to assist in research.
for example to make yoghurt a lot of benefits for the human body. following is a discussion about the making of yoghurt using a biotechnology process permentasi do that in both bacteria:

Yoghurt is one of the processed milk that is processed through fermentation with the addition of the culture organism, one that is acid bacteria laktat. Yoghurt in the market divided into two types, the first is plain yoghurt is yoghurt with the taste and the second is a yoghurt drink that is plain yoghurt that has a sense, the feeling of fruits taste like strawberry, orange or lecee.

Yoghurt Advantages:
When you compare the contents
its nutrition, yoghurt with not less milk in general. This is because the basic material is susu yoghurt, and even have some surplus yoghurt that is not owned by milk pure namely:

1. Suitable consumed by people with sensitive milk, because laktosa on the susu is usually simplified in the process of fermentation.
2. When consumed regularly able to prevent content in blood because fat yoghurt contains bacteria lactobacillus. Lactobacillus prevent the formation of functional fat in our blood comes from food that we eat like meat.
3. Increasing resistance yoghurt because our bodies contain many good bacteria so that it can be to balance the bad bacteria found in the body.

Yoghurt Making way:
Despite quite difficult, making yoghurt is actually very simple. Tools that we need is not too complex, such as the pot size is approximately 40 cm, spoons mixer, vessel close to the glass. All this equipment can be obtained easily in the market or shopping center. The main material required for the making of yoghurt is just milk.milk this liquid can be directly but that needs to be used milk white.
following ways to make yoghurt do:

1. Prepare milk already disbursed to the water as much as 1 liter ago susu add cream as much as 15%.
2. With a small cooking fire while continuously stirred for 30 minutes but not until boiling. This only aims to evaporate the water so that later will form solid lump or yoghurt.
3. If you have, and foster solid yoghurt cold eh until approximately warm, new seeds are added yoghurt for 2 - 5% of the yoghurt that has been set.
4. save for 24 hours in a closed vessel to produce a sour taste and a thick.
5. The higher total solidnya the clear liquid that the less remaining, and yoghurt produced the better. Solid yoghurt that has not been given an additional sense of this can also be a seed for the next yoghurt.
6. Once shaped, yoghurt can be added to the syrup or sugar that is not a strong acid, and even taste can be added to the food taste like orange, strawberry and lecee.
7. Yoghurt may already be in the pack in a plastic bag.

Hygiene is very we must note, all instruments should be used first boiled in boiling water for 5-10 minutes. If hygiene is not kept can lead to not so yoghurt, with characteristics not acid although shaped solid, the solid surface go appear the mushroom-shaped black spots and a very sour smell sharp.
instead hygiene problems, the problem of storage of yoghurt is also important to consider.

There are two things that must be considered, namely:

1. Yoghurt should not be exposed to the sun.
2. Should not be put in room temperature, the temperature should be stored in the cold / refrigerator but should not be placed in the freezer. Yoghurt can not be stored in the freezer because the basic material in the form of yoghurt susu be broken and thus the damage will yoghurt.

Selecting Tips Yogurt
If you have not had time to make and want to buy yogurt in the market then there are some things that must be observed:

1. Choose a thick yoghurt.
2. Choose yoghurt stored in cold temperatures do not because the outside is usually sterilized again, so there is no mikro organism.
3. Be a label that plain yoghurt or yoghurt drink that is adapted to the needs of us.
4. Be expiration date.


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