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Water is the blood. Land is the place of origin and return man. Nature and the river is the breath of men.

1. Knowledge and awareness on the FSC label
FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an independent institution and a non-profit that has a standard of accreditation for companies or organizations interested in forest management to be responsible. With the FSC label on the product to the customer forestry show that the product has been supporting forest management that is responsible. Already a public secret that one of the causes of the decreasing forest land is the product of illegal timber (illegal logging), which is also driven by the high demand from developed countries such as Japan, the United States, China and several countries in Europe. Indirectly, we can not participate with the support of illegal products through the wood to make products that we buy, such as furniture, paper and toilet paper, there are FSC label. Without this label, most likely the product of illegal timber from the source or controversial. Even some big countries in Europe does not suggest to buy timber products from Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil or Africa. But can be purchased if there are signs Ekolabel.
2. Savings in paper use
Paper has been since the era of ancient Egypt, and continued to hold at this time. Although the present is already digital and the paper is rarely used because of the Internet with a variety of innovations to its pre-eminent, such as electronic mail and so forth, the needs will only increase fixed paper and threaten the remaining natural forest and wildlife communities that live in it. Things that need to be for us as individuals to save paper it is easy to use, including:
- In offices and the lecture, there are often reports or tasks that needed to be made and printed in the paper. In the print-print, we can not think that this is just paper. We need to is select which part of the need to print or not
- Do not waste menyi paper we used. If the sheet is still empty, use the section is empty.
- Avoid printing text only sebaris sentence and the form it or any posts that are not important.
- Using the internet technology in each newspaper that is using email. Besides saving paper, time, cost and, indirectly supporting the preservation of our forests.
- Recycling paper we used, wherever possible, and buy recycled paper that is now sold in many shops
3. Savings in the use of tissue
Reality forest around us indicates that as many as 270,000 trees only to be ended in the rubbish all over the world. The use of tissue in the toilet roll and tissue products that are only used once to be one of a major damage to our forests. Issues tissue trademark Kleenex facial tissue in the production of the expense of forest area in the Baltic and Russia is only be pitied for the benefit shortly. Forests in place ditebang and burned to make room for the growth of Eucalyptus trees as basic facial tissue.
4. Campaign which started from the self and the environment around
To support forest conservation and the environment, beginning first with the knowledge and awareness of our valuable top position on the world's forests. The campaign does not help directly with emberikan advice to people on a nearby savings and tissue paper, as well as promote the purchase of forest products labeled FSC. A greater is to install the stickers, posters, or banners that contain a call to save the rare-earth with a small step that can start from ourselves. Media that is now a media communications super easy and fast can also be used as a campaign event. One of them is to write a blog, which is provided free of charge by the website,, and many more blog website that can accommodate any posts free us. With blogs, we can express to invite all our friends contribute to participate in safety and the environment. In addition to blogs, social networking websites such as FaceBook can also become a way other campaign event. With many friends and networks in the virtual world that is in all over the world, it is very easy to give persuasi sentence with the good and interesting to berkiprah on with our planet, the planet earth.
5. Supporting the preservation of the skin does not buy products from animals found in the preserve.
6. Do not buy exotic pets that have been considered 'wild' and 'almost extinct'. If you want to have a pets, should first asked the shop owner, is a wild caught or captive bred. Animals captive-bred animals are environmentally friendly. With this indirect support pelesatrian forest and environment.
We do not need to demand the government or the bureaucracy that is in the top position in supporting the preservation of forests and environment. from the action itself is also a very effective and efficient berkiprah and to contribute in saving the earth and the world globally.

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