The population of Sumatran orangutans (Pongo abelii) in Jambi in serious threat of forest clearing plan as industrial plants (HTI) of more than 30,000 hectares in the area of production forest ex (HP) PT Hutani Dalek Esa, in Hamlet Semarantihan, Suo-suo Village, District Sumay , Tebo regency, Jambi.

Program Manager Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) Peter Pratje, Sunday (23 / 8), said, opening the location of HTI's very close to the station Sumatran orangut,simpansean reintroduction has rehabilitated 20 of the tail orangutans per year.

"The opening of direct HTI will eliminate all potential resources available. Step back to preserve the Sumatran orangutan population is growing in eight years will also be in vain," said Peter.

So far it has 108 orangutans in melepasliarkan release area covering 200 hectares on the edge of Bukit Tigapuluh National Park (TNBT), but, because of the steep TNBT, orangutans prefer to live in the area of production forest ex.

Production forests also have many fruit crops are the main food source of Sumatran orangutans. This fruit plants may not intentionally cut production due to forest managers only take species trees hard.

FZS also monitored at least three cubs born orangutans who have dilepasliarkan parent, this indicates that the production forest is a suitable location for this Sumatran endemic primates.

Orangutans are also included in the animals that have a low reproductive capacity. Orangutan females only give birth three kittens during his lifetime.

Peter insisted, opening HTI threatens not only the existence but also the Sumatran orangutan TNBT directly, because the encroachment, timber utilization, as well as the food source for many wildlife in the area of production forests.

"Communities such as tribal citizens and Talang Mamak tribe Child In will also be moved into production forests TNBT when it converted into industrial timber," said Peter.

Station Manager Sumatran Orangutan reintroduction, Julius Paolo Siregar said, including Sumatran orangutans in the category of endangered species, Sumatran orangutans are estimated to number between 6000-7000 currently have tails.

"Compared with Borneo orangutans, Sumatran orangutans are more vulnerable life. Not only are small in number but their habitat area is also very little," said Julius.

FZS The plan would return about 10 orangutans melepasliarkan in October 2009, and in this month until January 2010 is estimated source of food in the forest with enough fruit during the season.


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