Plastic waste

Environment-The production of plastic bags. How it can be expected to press the production of plastic waste. reduction in terms of the consumer is not easy. Section, there are hundreds of millions of people potentially using the plastic bag.

"There is a group of people already trying to reduce plastic bag use," Day Care National Waste in Surabaya, Indonesia, Wednesday (25 / 2).

Reduction in the use of plastic number is quite bearable even though production has not been a significant waste of plastic. Therefore, it must be prevented from the manufacturer. "Manufacturers will be required to reduce production of plastic bags. Distributors are also encouraged to replace plastic bags with other materials or re-use plastic bags".

That way the amount of waste plastic is expected to decrease. Thus, to decrease the burden of the Earth.
"Each sheet of plastic bag take hundreds of years to unravel the natural process. Before unravel, akan garbage heap."

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