many species of plants Indonesia

The Indonesian nation is rich in natural resources, both plants and animals. Unfortunately, so rich, rich people are oblivious to his wealth. Cosmetics entrepreneur Martha Tilaar Dr. mention, some 30,000 species of plants in Indonesia has not tapped properly by the Indonesian people themselves.

Lack of herbal experts and ongoing research to make these species are still unemployed at the "garden" of Indonesia. In fact, if continued, more beneficial to the welfare and public health. "I often feel sorry why we do not care. My experience abroad, in countries that I visited did not mention the name of Indonesia as the owner of its natural wealth, while using materials from Indonesia," Martha said on the sidelines of the signing of cooperation with the Martha Tilaar Group University of Indonesia for Herbal Studies Program at the Rectorate UI, Depok, Thursday (30 / 7).

Founder and owner of Martha Tilaar Group was admitted, is now researching a new collection of 565 species that are embedded in Kampung Organik Martha Tilaar Djamoe in Cikarang area. Therefore, Martha felt the need to conduct ongoing research from province to province to explore thousands of other herbal wealth of different, for example Makatana from North Sulawesi.

However, difficult to do if the herbalist who is getting a little. The solution, continued Martha, there must be a long-term steps to produce competent workers in the field of herbs. It can be reached by cooperation. Whether it's training or the academic world, one of them through the opening of Herbal Studies Program as the UI.

Through the academic world, of course, also produced a wealth of knowledge about the management of natural herbs that can be passed on to the next generation. "Management by competent personnel who would be picked herbs to public health," said Martha.


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