volcanoes under the sea

BENGKULU, - The volcano mountain, including the newly found in the waters west of Sumatra may not be sudden. Therefore the Director of Research Center described Geology Science Institute of Indonesia (LIPI) Dr. Iskandar Zulkarnain, on the discovery of a giant mountain.

"There are lengthy processes that formed the mountain of fire appears, may not sudden," he said, Friday (29 / 5). He re-cite the formation of volcano Krakatau in the Sunda who take more than 50 years after discharge was in the year 1883.

Iskandar, said his side have not got an official report related to the findings of the experts combined geology of Indonesia and a number of foreign countries. However, these findings invite several questions.

According to him, signs of the existence of the volcano in western Sumatra should be detected by previous satellites. "There should be a detection ya, but so far I have not been informed about the existence of the volcano in western Sumatra, especially in Bengkulu this sea," he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Section Geology and Geophysics Agency climatology Bengkulu Dadang Permana said, in the presence of point location volcano had not detected any activity vulkanik. Government can not ensure these findings.

"For us, this is still a hypothesis and BMKG need to do more research because it was never detected in the vibration vulkanik point 330 km west of Bengkulu," he said.

The existence of this giant volcano is reported as a result of a combination of a number of research institutions, the Agency Implementation Pengkajian and Technology (BPPT), Indonesia Institute of Science (LIPI), Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources CGG Veritas, and the Institut de Physique Globe) Paris. Volcano is estimated berdiameter 50 km high and 4600 meters with a location 330 km west of Bengkulu.


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