Failed to Earth will be saved?

Indonesian Civil Society Forum for Climate Justice (Civil Society Forum for Climate Justice / CSF) urged the state-Annex 1 countries cut emissions to meet its commitments as agreed in the Kyoto Protocol.

Negotiations Bonn Climate Change Talks are ongoing (1-12 June 2009) should ensure the fulfillment of its commitments in the Kyoto Protocol, not menyodorkan proposals for new mengamandemen the Kyoto Protocol, said the CSF.

Meeting in June is a good time to change the direction of the discussion of climate change. "Indonesia as the countries affected by climate change should play a role in determining the direction of negotiations, the focus remains on the decline in emissions in the real beginning of the UNFCCC is the goal," said Coordinator of CSF, Giorgio Budi Indarto.

COP 15 will truly last a chance to realize the justice of the world's climate, so have requested that the CSF delegation that attended the Bonn Climate Change Talks banar II is taking action that could save the world.

Civil society also requested that all discussion of negotiations in June, both mitigation and adaptation to adopt the concept of HELP in the solution to climate change that ditawarkannya.

Indonesian civil society, if not akan menoleransi schemes handling of climate change offered by the potential harm the community. Therefore, any concrete action to overcome the impact of climate change should be taken while still ensuring the right people.

Another concern that civil society is a funding mechanism that should not be longer depending on the model of debt, the process of manipulation developed countries reducing emissions through the offset mechanism will not be able menstabilisasi volume Grk globally.

For Indonesia, adaptation and mitigation efforts that can not be done again cause problems, such as conversion of land to plant food crops of biofuel raw materials which will reduce the capacity of food production, ecosystem change or peat moss peat and the sea as penyeimbang macro and micro climate which is very closely with the interests of ecological, economic, social, and cultural communities.

Ecological debt management should be done through the Transitional justice mechanisms. Environmental crimes should be processed first to uphold justice to victims, and for the restoration of ecosystems that have been damaged in the practices, exploitation of natural wealth by the multi-national corporation.

Indonesian civil society forum for climate justice affirmed, developed countries are obliged to control and evaluate the investment-investment in the plantation-forestry sector, where the second sector is the primary supply their needs, the impact to the area of swamp forest and peat moss industry in Indonesia for oil palm plantations and forest industry plants.

They must also ensure that the project pilot modeling and reducing emission from deforestation and degradation (ReDD) funded does not violate the rights of indigenous people of the area, forest, and the environment in Indonesia.

Regardless of various things, the handling of climate change will not be achieved, and the UNFCCC negotiations are only the business event carbon failed to save the earth, so the CSF.


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