One Caring Heart for the Earth

One Caring Heart for the Earth-Always have a story behind the stage. Stories of success on an empty party. "I have not been satisfied," said Marcella Lidwina, a volunteer program "Earth Hour"-one hours without electric lighting to be conducted in Jakarta on Saturday (28 / 3) at 20.30-21.30.

Student London School of Public Relations (LSPR) is mengomandani tens of friends in the Climate Change Champions Club LSPR, menyosialisasikan program that digalang WWF-Indonesia. Electricity consumption mengemisikan consecutive carbon dioxide, the main elements forming gases cause climate change.

Namanya volunteers, without pay. There is even expenses, such as students of LSPR. At least, the funds of Rp 3 million campus prepared for the campaign. The result, the area of Sudirman Park, campus LSPR Jakarta, will adopt the program after exposure Lidwina and his friends.

Sepekan full, they rotate to keep the campaign booth in the area Sudirman Park; shore support as well as willing to receive the rejection. One by one, 2310 fotokopian brochures distributed, including menyelipkannya room apartment in the door.

The result, a number of tenants ready to join. So even some of the. "There is also a decline. Does not do anything, "he said that with his friends had visited the high school Almamater respectively.

Volunteers are Galih Aristo (28), art studios, a creative director. Not enough support long march in support of the main streets in Jakarta, with a friends, Wednesday, he was the Sudirman Street.

One by one, office buildings in the right center-left trade Jakarta them go. Thousands of posters to support their share of building managers. "We susuri from nine o'clock am to five pm," said Energy Troops energizer that.

Media facebook

Lala Sudewo again, volunteers WWF-Indonesia. He girder support through social networking site facebook. "Enggak many do, 97 people who support," said the main perekrut, Thursday (26 / 3).

Campaign through facebook also Anisa, housewives, pushing the third son of a dozen years to care about the environment. Not only is virtual, it is also encouraging community members who follow it to join.

Support also came from various communities, such as Abang-None Jakarta. They participated in many lobbying their networks.

The volunteers, recognized as the Director of Climate and Energy Program WWF-Indonesia Fitrian Ardiansyah, very influential for the campaign, campaigns, programs such as "Earth Hour". "They were militants although we do not pay it," he said.

Some volunteers even have to ask permission brochures, banners, or posters on their own cost. Truly, beyond a doubt and give hope. Unlike the political campaign-a campaign that at this time of political money.

Now, DKI Jakarta Pemprov support that program. Monument lighting, Balaikota Building, Statue Youth, Wiwaha Arjuna, and the Hotel Indonesia roundabout will be turned off in part. A number of hotels and private offices will be involved.

This is the first program in Indonesia. The involvement of volunteers with various backgrounds into the capital as well as the main force spirit.

The existence of them is also an indication that among us there is still a concern in the surrounding environment. If many people like them, may have akan setitik hope that the earth will not be destroyed (?)

However, among the reasons for the involvement of this, there is a beautiful thing: in the care of themselves.


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