BRISBANE, - warming phenomenon and the global climate change, among others, with a marked increase in surface sea water its melt partly due to the polar ice, threatening many of the world tourist destination.

Specialists Management and Tourism University of Lund Sweden, Stefan Gossling, in Brisbane, say, Australia, New Zealand, countries and small islands in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean does not escape from the influence of this global warming.

That matter telling academic seminar in the University School Tourism Queensland (UQ) titled "The Future Tourism: Perspective on Climate Change."

IPCC report (Antarpemerintah Panel on Climate Change) 2007, for example, says, summer temperatures average Australia since 1950 increased from 0.4 to become 0.7 degrees celsius.

Australia also experience more heat waves, longer droughts, increase in surface sea water around 70 mm, and rainfall is greater in the west sea, but smaller in the south and timurnya.

"Symptoms global warming is threatening a number of Australia's tourism assets, such as the Great Barrier Reef, tropical wet forests of Queensland, and Kakadu National Park area in 2020," he said.

Regions of the world no other escape from the influence of global warming threat is believed that the majority of scientists as something real, said Gossling.

"Changes in global climate is to give direct effect to the tourism industry, such as changing holiday season, the living, and quality vacation," he said.

Therefore, the necessary adaptation of the tourist destination of each request associated with the changes due to heating phenomena and global climate change this.


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