Seaweed (algae) have great potential in the effort to overcome global warming. Organism that is easy to live in the sea that have great ability to absorb carbon dioxide and can be processed into biofuel, environment-friendly fuel.

Laboratory-scale research in the Agency Implementation Pengkajian and Technology (BPPT) prove algae (seaweed) in the sea swell 20-25 times in just 15 days fed with carbon dioxide (CO2).

"Objects of this type of Chaetoceros sp. Beginning with the number of cells per 40,000 cells after mililiter of CO2 into 780,000 cells per ml in 15 days, even Chlorella sp. Beginning with the number of cells 40,000 cells per ml into a million cells per ml in 15 days," The word word BPPT Dr Marzan Aziz Iskandar in a seminar "Implementation of Emission Reduction carbon dioxide mitigation efforts as the Global Warming", in Jakarta on Wednesday.

According to him, this concept could be the beginning of the absorption of carbon in the sea. Indonesia has the potential of the sea is very wide opportunity to take a major role in absorbing carbon dioxide. On the other hand, said Marzan, seaweed and then harvested as a biofuel raw material efficiency of the process has a 40 percent higher than create a biofuel raw material with palm oil (CPO).

BPPT will proceed with the research culture fotobioreaktor water at the mouth of the waste gas of power for the penyerapannya of CO2 gas and add the following research on harvesting plankton as biofuel.

According Marzan, to the future, carbon capture and absorption of the algae can be applied in the discharge of carbon emissions from the Power Steam Power (PLTU), which is usually built on the edge of the sea.

Reduction of carbon emissions from industry, said Marzan, than with the use of "Carbon Capture Sequestration" like this, can also be done with the use of renewable energy and improved technology that is capable of making energy efficiency and improve production processes to be more sparing of fuel.


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