Save the komodo island

JAKARTA - Indonesian Institute of Science as a research institution and the largest in Indonesia during the last few years, the budget did not allocate research Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis).

Rare animal conservation strategy is now facing serious challenges due to habitat destruction, even conservation policies defeated exploitative policies, such as mining that clearly damage the ecosystem environment.

"Tidak can be no more bargaining, the government policy in areas endemic Komodo need for conservation is the type of animals," said Deputy of Life Sciences LIPI in Jakarta.

Lack of allocation of funds for research LIPI Komodo, according to him, because of the low attention to the type of government that are ancient animals this. Related research Komodo, LIPI for this activity can only be mendompleng foreign researchers.

Differences in the genetic

Research results that have been obtained from the results of cooperation with Spanish researchers, according to Endang, prove there is a difference in the genetic Komodo Flores Island in the Komodo National Park Komodo. This phenomenon can reveal problems Komodo migration to other islands, but the results of research that has not been followed up until now.

"There are genetic Marker on Komodo Island Flores together researchers found that Spanish," said Endang.

Habitat in Komodo Flores is now increasingly threatened as never broken note specifically. Information on Komodo island's population is still as many as 300 head. However, specific Komodo Flores is 12 live chickens. Extinction on the island of Komodo Flores live waiting time. "Extinction Komodo Island Flores Island Komodo akan follow Padar,"

Separately, former State Minister of the Environment review often ask the Minister of Forestry Decree No. 384/Menhut-II/2009 dated 13 May 2009 to move the five pairs of Komodo Island Flores to Safari Park Gianyar, Bali. Komodo Flores rescue at this time must be a government priority, but conservation should remain concentrated in Flores.

"LIPI, if given the authority to mengoordinasi handling this issue, will invite scientists-scientists of the world that participated in handling this ancient animal rescue,"


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