car equipped with a chocolate

LONDON, - Alternative fuel-friendly environment can be of any material, even from things that do not occur at all before. If Indonesia had introduced jelantah or used cooking oil as car fuel, in London, UK scientists using chocolate as fuel.

Cars equipped with a chocolate introduced for the first time on Tuesday (5 / 5). Do not think that chocolate is used because the block can be very expensive price. They use the waste from the chocolate factory, which is mixed with discarded vegetable oil as biofuel.

The fuel is not only environmentally friendly, the car is also made from plant fiber that is not toxic. For example, a tire made of fiber and carrot roots, seat of a mixture of jute and foam soybean oil. Its body is of fiber plants.

Speed is not lost with the car in general. In the test at this time new kecdepatan reach 96 km / h but when tested on the try line racing is expected to penetrate the speed 232 km / hour. Cars that are named "WorldFirst Formula 3 racing" car that will be used in the European Grand Prix races and Britain's Goodwood Festival of Speed.


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