JAKARTA, - forest destruction in Indonesia and has very severe. This increase global warming fear that we are at this time, factors other than energy and transport.

"Deforestation in Indonesia accounted for 75 percent of greenhouse gases," said Joko Arif, Campaign Spokesperson for Forestry Greenpeace in Jakarta on Tuesday (26 / 5).

According to data released the Food Agricultural Organization in 2007, the rate impairment 1.8 million hectares of forest per year. In 1 minute forest destruction occurs 5 times of the football field wide. In other words, it in the forest area of 300 football fields damaged.

For that, Joko urges moratorium in order to be done to reduce deforestation and fuel coal. "The stone ballast is a fossil fuel terkotor, which contribute to greenhouse gases, such as CO2, NO2, CH4," said Joko.

In fact, many have called the alternative energy clean energy to replace fossil fuels that are not environmentally friendly. "India has the potential for geothermal energy in the world, have the energy the sun throughout the year, wind energy in eastern Indonesia, and mikrohidro in areas that have rivers," said Joko.

If the government is not the issue, we live a disaster waiting chilling. "In the year 2025 Soekarno Hatta Airport can not be used because of stagnant water, with a record business does not have the government to fix the environment," said Joko.


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