Indonesian Global Warming

INDONESIA-Climate change is happening today to the countries in this world, including Indonesia is very vulnerable to disasters, famine, poverty and disease.

Head of Climate Change Adaptation State Ministry of Environment of Indonesia, Dadang Hilman, MA express it in a seminar in Medan, Sunday (21 / 6).

Citing a report, he said, Indonesia is one of the countries vulnerable to disasters associated with climate change as global warming.

The possibility that global warming will cause droughts and extreme rainfall which in turn will lead to climate disaster risk greater in many parts of the world.

"In Indonesia during the 2003-2005 period of 1429 disaster occurred. Approximately 53.3 percent of the disasters related to hydro-meteorology. The floods are a common disaster, or as much as 34 percent and landslide disaster followed as much as 16 percent," he said.

National seminar on the theme of Environmental Conservation Efforts In Reducing the Environmental Impacts of Global Warming on the State University of Medan (UNIMED), he said, global warming is marked by the increasing average temperature of the earth's surface.

This is as a result of events that the greenhouse effect of solar radiation terperangkapnya that should be emitted back into space but was blocked by an accumulation of layers of Greenhouse Gases in the atmosphere.

Various active measures to prevent climate change and reduce the impact of global warming can be done with Grk emission reduction efforts.

It also has conducted many such policies in the forestry field control illegal logging, forest and land rehabilitation, and conservation, restructuring the forestry sector, empowerment of communities around the forests, control and prevention of forest fires and so on.

In a report issued by the World Bank in 2006, stated that global losses due to climate change is expected to reach 4.3 trillion dollars.

"These losses will be dependent developing countries and the relatively poor have limitations due to limited adaptive capital and technology," he said.


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